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(Jed & Ox)

Height: Jed - 6'7", Ox-6'6"
Combined Weight: "4 biscuits shy of 700 lbs."
Hometown: "5 miles off the paved road" near Paint Creek, WV

The massive Thrillbillies have been fan favorites for years wherever they go.  Influenced by greats such as Haystacks Calhoun, Hillbilly Jed, Uncle Elmer, The Godwins, Cousin Luke, and their "Maw", Ox and Jed dominated the tag team ranks of Mason-Dixon Wrestling by winning the tag straps seven times.  The duo hopes to earn more championship gold in NWA Tri-State so that they can "finally git the pickup off them thar cinder blocks".

Photo by Corey Hickman

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