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APRIL 12, 2003

It was another big night of NWA Tri-State wrestling in Wellston, OH at the old junior high school. There were 8 big matches tonight, with over 200 in attendance.  The referees for tonight's show were Roger McMichaels and Senior Referee Tony Wolfe.

In the first match: Evil Ninja & Just'n Kace VS Lexis Wine & Chris Draven. The winners were Wine and Draven.

In the second match, Team Hotstuff took on the team of Twisted Youth and D.J. Skittles.  Team Hotstuff got the win.

In the third match, Double Dragon took on Shawn Parks for the NWA Tri-State U.S. title.  Shawn Parks won with his World War 3 finisher.
4th match: Vinny Viagra faced off against Eric Darkstorm.  Viagra got the win.
In the 5th match it was a 3-way for the NWA Tri-State Heavyweight Title...Chance Prophet VS. Romeo Godwin VS. the champ Trik Nasty. Trik Nasty was the victor.

In the sixth match: Max Power took on someone dressed as and claiming to be the superhero Spider-Man.  After a wild match the winner was Spider-Man.

7th match: Johnny Hard faced the clown prince of the ring Doink.  In the end, Doink got the win due to a miscue by Just'n Kace that caused Hard to get pinned.

In the main event Rocky Reynolds faced former NWA World Heavyweight champion Ron "The Truth" Killings.  It went to a no contest because of outside interference when several rule breakers charged the ring from the locker room and attacked Rocky.  They invited Killings to jump Rocky.  Killings got the group away and got ready to give Rocky the beating of his life.  Out of the blue, he started a ass-whipping on all the attackers.  At that point Rocky and Killings became allies in the ring and stood off the attack to the delight of the fans in attendance.

APRIL 5, 2003

Tonight NWA Tri-State introduced a new rookie referee by the name of Roger McMicheals who claims to be the half-brother of former ref Shane McMicheals.  Also in a major shock, NWA Tri-State ref Stick Keller made a return after family matters kept him away.

The first match was a loser wears a dress match.  Pyro VS. Kano VS. Johnny Hard with Kano getting the pin on Pyro, who was forced to wear a dress later on in the night.

In match two, Vinny Viagra wrestled Eric Darkstorm.  The winner was Vinny Viagra with help from manager Just'n Kace.

Former referee Tony Wolfe confronted promoter Richard Arpin and announced that he had seen the error of his ways, and also had a meeting with David Powers.   As a result, not only was he reinstated as senior referee but was also made the new Assistant Commissioner of NWA Tri-State.

In the third match, Twisted Youth & D.J. Skittles took on Juggulater & Kid Inferno.  Juggulater and Kid Inferno scored the win.

In the fourth match, J.D.  Escalade & Double Dragon battled Romeo Godwin & Lexis Wine.  This one went to a double count out.

In the fifth match, Jude Justice with Just'n Kace VS. Chris Draven. The winner was Chris Draven when Kace miscued and hit Justice.

In the sixth match Chance Prophet took on the new NWA Tri-State U.S. Champion Shawn Parks.  The winner was Shawn Parks.

The main event was a three-way for the NWA Tri-State Heavyweight Title. Rocky Reynolds VS. Trik Nasty VS. Max Power.  The winner and NEW champion--Trik Nasty!   After the match Max and Trik started stomping a mud hole in Rocky when out from the locker room came Chance Prophet to make the save.  NWA Tri-State owner Richard Arpin got his hands on manager Just'n Kace and turned the main event into a tag match for the May 3rd Parkersburg card...Power and Nasty VS. Reynolds and Prophet, with owner Richard Arpin in the corner of Reynolds and Prophet to offset the treachery of Just'n Kace.

MARCH 8, 2003

The evening got off to a great start with six man action as the team of Johnny Hard and Team Hot Stuff took on DJ Skittles, Kano, and Twisted Youth. Skittles and Kid Inferno started the match out and went back and forth with some nice moves including a lionsault by Inferno. Skittles took control for his team by hitting a beautiful elbow followed by his version of the people's elbow (Taste of the Rainbow). Youth was tagged in and after a couple strong-style forearms Inferno caught Youth with a yakuza kick. As Youth got to his feet Inferno jumped on his back and went for what looked like the Code Red, but instead came back up and over Youth's head landing him in a face buster. After another exchange between the two, Inferno tagged out to Pyro, who came in and started going to work on Youth. At one point, Youth got the boot up, sending Pyro down, and he made the tag to Kano. Kano and Pyro put on an excellent display of chain wrestling, and Kano showed off his high flying skills with a swanton bomb. When Youth and Inferno got tagged back in, Youth hit a 2K Bomb, or as he calls it, the "Requiem for a Dream", but only got a two count. Towards the end of the match, Inferno went for a hurracanranna, but Youth blocked it, and Kano came in dropkicked Inferno's head while he was hanging upside down. Inferno shot back up and Youth & Kano hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker. All hell broke lose at this point, and while Kano was fighting with Pyro on the outside and DJ Skittles was tangling with Inferno, Johnny Hard came into the ring and spiked Youth with a jumping DDT to get the pinfall. After the match as Hard put the boots to Youth, Skittles ran in and hit an ace crusher (Stunner) on Hard.

The second match of the night would be a three way dance. It would be Chris Draven vs Double Dragon vs Jake Layton. I arrived at the end of this match and really just caught the finish of Draven hitting his Super Kick on both men and picking up the win. 

Up next was Star making his way to the ring with an all new look. Star informed the rowdy Parkersburg fans that he will no longer be Star, now he will be called Vinny Viagra. His opponent would be Erik Darkstorm. These two of wrestled each other several times and know each other very well and that is what made this match so great. These two men rocked each other going back and fourth.  Armdrags, and head scissors every where! All it took was one mistake though as Darkstorm went up top but wasted just a second to much as Vinny was able to get out of Darkstorm's amazing 450 splash. Vinny capitalized by hitting the suplex ace crusher combo topick up the win.

The fourth match up was a tag team match that featured the return of Justin Kace managing the team of Trik Nasty and Max Power. Those two men would go up against the duo of Romeo Godwin and Shawn Parks. The crowd was red-hot and really in to this match! Nasty and Power cheated their way through the entire match and hand the upper hand virtually the entire match. Although Godwin and Parks both showed amazing strength throughout the match. Senior Official Tony Wolfe was acting bizarre through out this entire match though. We found out why in the end, as Godwin and Parks had the match but Wolfe would not count to three! Then from behind Nasty and Power roll them up and win after the fastest three count in Tri-State history! Tony Wolfe screwed Parks and Godwin! They didn't like that any what so ever and attacked Wolfe with steel chairs! Finally after about five minutes Wolfe got to his feet and said he was done with Tri-State and something to the effect he was taking over!?!?

The main event would be Chance Profit going up against David Flair. Before the match Flair had something to say. Flair took the time to run down all the Parkersburg fans and early on getting a "Flair Sucks" chant going. Flair showed early on that he could wrestle by getting the upper hand on Profit. Flair was able to keep Profit grounded for the most part of the match with several submissions. Profit with stood all odds and was able to fight back. In the end though Profit made the mistake of going up to the top rope at which time Flair hit the ropes and caught Profit with a inverted flipping Splash Mountain bomb to pick up the win in a very well done match. Flair then talked about how he beat Tri-States best guy. Richard Arpin then got on the mic and told him he didn't think he could beat Rocky Reynolds! The challenge was then set for an upcoming show.

We then saw a battle royal that ended on a very low note. Jake Layton was able to win, but the Kid Inferno took a very hard fall in the battle royal landing on the back of his head on the concrete. He was delivering a dangerous huracanrana to Twisted Youth but landed very awkwardly. An ambulance was sent and Inferno was taken away. One day later though Inferno is home suffering from a concussion and a few staples in the back of his head but lucky that is all that came out of it. Inferno was definitely being watched out for on that night.

FEBRUARY 10, 2003

Results courtesy of Adam & the NWA Tri-State Fan Page

It was back to the City Park once again with a packed crowed of rowdy fans. The ring announcer for the night would be Johnny Hard. The referee would be Shane McMicheals.

The opening contest would be a tag team match. Out first was the most established duo in NWA Tri-State, Team Hottstuff, Kid Inferno & Pyro. Inferno proceeded to get the crowed all fired up. Their opponents were what I thought was an interesting combination of Twisted Youth and Chris Draven. Draven is all about Tradition, and being Old School, while I would consider Twisted Youth a worker of the new era. Needless to say these two men coexisted surprisingly well. Youth got the upperhand on Inferno early on after Inferno's "Code Red" was reversed in to a version of a sitout powerbombed that folded Inferno like a paper towel. Youth stayed on Inferno and dominated him with a hiptoss neckbreaker followed by a cross face halo, (sort of a straight jacket Corino driver). The match went back and forth from that point on. Draven showcased his old school style with moves like a running elbow drop, and of course the flying lariat. Pyro was dominated through out the match with a couple double team moves from the team of Youth & Draven. Pyro did hit a cool split legged moonsault on Youth at one point. Inferno took it to Youth later on in the match with a huracanrana that sent Youth to the outside. Inferno followed it up with a Asai Moonsault, but overshot Youth and landed very hard on the ground. The move had Inferno all bloody and pretty much out of it the rest of the match. In the end Inferno was mouthing Youth off and Youth had heard enough gave him a palm strike, followed by Chris Draven's finisher the super kick to pick up the win.

The second match of the night was the debut of a new star that went by the name of Gator McCalkster I believe. I apologize in advance in the last name is wrong. Anyway, Gator was accompanied to the ring by former NWA Tri-State Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Star. Star cut a great promo, running down the Parkersburg fans, but more importantly putting over Gator in the ring. From what I heard Gator worked for WCW at some point but who knows. His opponent was "Spotlight" Chris Sanders. Sander brought his NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight out with him but it was not on the line. I really enjoyed Gator, although he was the heel he was funny as hell. The much larger Gator took it to Spotlight virtually the entire match. Spotlight had spurts of offense but nothing major. He hit a pretty good plauncha to the outside on Star and Gator at one point in the match. In the end though after Star had already interfered several times earlier he ran in the ring and got Gator DQ'd.

Third match was DJ Skittles & Double Dragon vs Da Dawg & Wrecking Ball. A pretty good match that ended with a reverse rana off the top rope by Dragon to Dawg.

Then Skittles pinned his own partner to become the new Television Champion. 24/7 rules.

Match 5 was Romeo Godwin vs Max Power. They both played to the fans, in opposite ways of course. It was fine for a little while, but I think they could of cut that a little short. The match it's self was good when they were actually wrestling and I would of liked to of seen more of that. Power picked up the win with a fireman's carry in to a ace crusher.

Trik Nasty battled Shawn Parks to declare a new NWA Tri-State Heavyweight Champion. However, this match went to a no contest after Max Power ran in. Then a huge brawl took place.

The Main Event was Chance Profit vs Ricky Murdock for the NWA National Title. This was a great contest that went back in fourth but ended when Murdock hit Profit in the head with a cow bell for the win.

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