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The NWA WV/OH returned to the Gym in Pennsboro, WV on Friday 11/25/00 with a bell time of 7:00 p.m.

Match #1 Blue Lightning VS Tyler James

These two fast moving, high flyers hit each other with everything in their respective arsenals as they used arm locks, leg locks, clotheslines, high dropkicks, and some great technical wrestling to try and upend each other. After 5:45 of great action, some strange happenings caused Referee Tony Wolfe to disqualify Blue Lightning and award the Decision to Tyler James.

Match #2  Evil Ninja VS Tommy Boy Mulligan

The Ninja came to the ring with an unusual ruthlessness tonight, as he attacked Tommy for the first bell.
Ninja seemed bent on winning at any cost using his martial arts to beat Tommy boy down to the mat, and go for the quick pin, Tommy would not be an easy win however, as he rallied and returned Ninjas vicious assault. As Ninja saw his victory slipping away his "trick knee" dropped Tommy Boy and while Tony Wolfe was distracted by the fans cries of protest Ninja produced brass knuckles, and dropped Tommy to the mat just in time for the ref to turn and toll the three count.
Although Wolfe saw the knuckles after the match, they were on the floor, and could not change the outcome.

Match #3 "Luscious" Rocky Reynolds VS Johnny Hard 

The self proclaimed "Luscious God" tried to destroy Johnny with a barrage of high impact maneuvers, but the co-holder of the NWA WV/OH Tag Team Championship showed Reynolds why he holds that prestigious title. Johnny returned all of Rocky's moves and gave him that much more to deal with.
Although Hard gave it his all, at the 7:21 mark Reynolds caught Johnny with his top rope senton bomb for the three count.

Match #4 Mr. Attitude VS Viper

Viper and Attitude tore into each other as Viper sought a measure of revenge from the night before when Attitude tried to eliminate Viper by destroying his knee.
While Viper was out of his element in this non-hard core match, he used a vast assortment of hold to stop Attitude in his tracks.
At the 8:00 minute mark, this action tumbled out of the ring and into the ringside area. Referee Tony Wolfe warned both wrestlers to return to the ring, but after administering a 10 count, called for the double DQ.


After intermission "Awesome" Arpin called out Tyler James to the interview area. James was holding his ribs after an encounter with Rocky Reynolds, in a feud that seems never ending.
Arpin offered James a match with Reynolds tonight here in Pennsboro, to try and gain a measure of revenge, but there was a stipulation, as Arpin called out Reynolds, and informed them that they could only meet in a tag team match.
While James accepted, Reynolds showed signs of reluctance until Arpin called out Reynolds tag team partner, Mr. Attitude. With this Reynolds was anxious to get down to business, until Arpin called out Tylers partner, Johnny Hard, who was still stinging from his earlier loss to Reynolds.

All four men hit the ring, and tore into each other with James and Hard both trying to beat Reynolds into submission. Mr. Attitude gave Rocky a rest as he tagged in but found himself at the mercy of two tag team masters as James and Hard took the south Philly brawler to the mat.
The ring could not contain all the action, and when it finally spilled out to the floor, Referee Tony Wolfe disqualified both teams, and threw the match out.
Reynolds and James were not satisfied with this outcome, and both challenged each other back into the ring. The two fought each other brutally and the locker room emptied to separate them, but not before a disgruntled Tyler James grabbed a chair from ringside, and laid out Reynolds, then tried to break his ribs before being held back by the other wrestlers.
While Rocky was helped to the locker room, Arpin again took the mike and offered James another shot at Reynolds, this time at the next card in Pennsboro (pending negotiations) on December 31st, in a ladder match, with the Vacant NWA WV/OH Heavyweight Title hanging overhead for the winner to claim.

James accepted much to the delight of the fans.

Match #6 4-way elimination match!!!
Wildcat & Viper VS Tommy Boy Mulligan & The Lunatic

This was a 4 way dance that saw each wrestler tagging anyone he was close to in an attempt to affect a win.
After some great tags and fast action by all four men, at the 8:15 mark both the Lunatic & Tommy Boy were eliminated leaving Wildcat & Viper to meet in what many thought would be a great scientific encounter. These two men have known each other for years, and have the utmost respect for each other, but in an unexplainable bit of action, Wildcat produced a pair of brass knuckles, and surprised Viper, and captured the pin fall victory.
The crowd was in shock, as were the ring crew, and the announcer.
Wildcat had his arm raised in a token of victory, and then made a hasty exit to avoid the fury of a semiconscious, but non the less Raging Viper.

After the ring was cleared the battle royal began with all the wrestlers except a still wounded Viper participating. The battle was fast and furious and came down to Tyler James and Mr. Attitude. The veteran managed to upend the young lion for the victory.

Submitted by Johnny Hard

Friday night 11/24/00 The Dils center in Parkersburg, bell time 7:00

This night, dedicated to raising funds to assist Promoter "Awesome" Richard Arpin with his recent medical expenses was a TRIBUTE to the respect that the wrestlers show for "the Big Guy"

The ringside area was standing room only as all the stars of the NWA WV/OH turned out to add their time and talent to this show.

Match #1 Cole Cash vs. Fly Guy

These 2 rookies gave it their all as they made their debut in the world of Pro Wrestling here in the Dils center. Cash and Fly guy made a great showing of themselves as they rocked each other for 4 minutes until at the 4:45 mark when Fly Guy took the pinfall.

Match #2 Luscious Rocky Reynolds vs. Blue Lightning

Blue used his ring skill and abilities to thwart the offense of the muscular Reynolds as he confused out wrestled "The Luscious God".
Reynolds used a variety of high impact maneuvers, clotheslines, suplexes, and slams to try and bring down Blue Lightning, but the veteran caught Reynolds at the 8:16 mark in his patented "lightning strike" power slam for the three count.

Match #3
NWA WV/OH Jr. Heavyweight Champion Bobby Inbred vs.
Tyler James

The ring introductions were never completed as these two combatants fought from the dressing room to the ring. Tyler James used high flying maneuvers to try and score a win in this non title matchup.
Bobby Inbred called on his vast ring knowledge and stamina to outlast James thru the onslaught of kicks and punches, slams, dropkicks, and more as he took the young Lion to the 11:00 minute mark and caught him in the "cow pie drop" to score the pinfall.

Match #4  Mr. Attitude vs. Travis Time

It was a full brawl as Mr. Attitude tried to retire 1/2 of the NWA WV/OH Tag Team Champions Travis Time.
Time seemed out of his element and looking for his partner as he tried to match Attitude move for move and power for power.
Attitude carried Time through pain blues and agony until he saw his opportunity and caught Time in a high impact DDT at the 6:30 mark for the pinfall victory.


A 50 50 drawing was held and the winner donated his funds to Richard Arpin.

Match #5 A three way dance to determine the #1 contender for the NWA WV/OH Jr. Heavyweight Title.

Blue Lightning, Tyler James & Rocky Reynolds faced each other in a challenge to single out the #1 contender for Bobby Inbred's title.
This match saw all three go flat out trying to gain an early pinfall, and ensure themselves a shot at the gold. All three men kept up a furious pace and at some points two would team against one hoping to narrow the odds. In the end at the 8:10 mark while Rocky Reynolds was outside the ring, Tyler caught Lightning in a high impact slam for the three count.

Match #6 Three way challenge to determine the #1 contender for the NWA WV/OH Hardcore Title.

Viper vs. Johnny Hard vs. Mr. Attitude
This was a first as the three grapplers beat each other senseless in an effort to meet Big Gun Jeff Cannon for the Hardcore Gold.
Viper was as ruthless as ever as the self proclaimed "Lord of all hardcore" beat both Attitude and Hard relentlessly. Not to be outdone, Mr. Attitude fought back and for awhile teamed with Hard to try and remove Viper from the match.
The ending to this match was fast, furious, and controversial as JW Idol jumped into the fray and attacked Viper allowing Attitude to catch Hard off balance for the pinfall at 10:15.
What followed was a disgusting display as Attitude, Hard, and Idol tried to smash the knee of Viper by  removing his protective brace and use a baseball bat to attempt to end Vipers career. Blue lightning, Bobby Inbred, and finally Tyler James broke up the assault, with James coming to the aid of Viper.

A battle royal followed with the locker room charging the ring and an all out war ensued as bodies flew, and friend fought friend to seek a means to an end of this all out war.
The battles of the night resumed and old feuds were re-ignited as the fist flew and bodies sailed over the top rope.
After 10:40 of action Mr. Attitude eliminated Tyler James for the victory.

Results provided by Johnny Gunn.

Dils Center, Parkersburg, 10/21/00

Report from Johnny Gunn: First off let me say that the new Executive Committee held these results to investigate certain allegations by Titan.

Garbageman vs. Johnny Hard

The Garbageman squared off against one time friend Johnny Hard, in an encounter that saw a different side of G-man. The match started off with a few quick exchanges, that degenerated into a slugfest, and saw the Garbageman try to break the right arm of 1/2 of the NWA WV/OH tag team champions Johnny Hard.

Johnny would not lay down for the G-man as he fought back tooth and nail to Give his opponent all he could take, and then some. Hard used speed and agility to equal the slight advantage Gman had in weight and height. At the 12 minute mark, Hard took the Gman to his limit, and prepared to finish him with a Goonberg Spear, but the veteran put on the brakes, and turned the spear into a high impact DDT ! Gman climbed to the top rope on the far side of the ring, and delivered the "Dumpster Dive" for the pinfall. 

Although Gman claimed the victory, it took him quite awhile to climb out of the ring and limp to the dressing room.

Bobby Inbred Vs Titan
NWA WV/OH JR. Heavyweight title match!

This was the final match to fill the vacant NWA WV/OH Jr. title, and the final 2 combatants were gunning for the gold. Titan squared off against Bobby Inbred, in a speed demons battle. Both men maintained a blistering pace for nearly 9 minutes using scientific maneuvers, flying dropkicks, powerslams and suplexes each trying to catch the other in a compromising position.

At the 10 minute mark Titan found himself outside the ring, and the victim of an inbred suicide dive, which left both men out cold on the floor.  As the official began his 10 count both men struggled to their feet but neither could beat the count.  Promoter Richard Arpin would not accept the outcome, and demanded the match to continue. Titan made it to the ring first and Pearl Harbored Bobby on his way in. Titan displayed vicious tactics, choking, biting, kicking and using cheap shots to try and stop Inbred cold, but Bobby would not be denied this night as he rallied, and used several high risk maneuvers to get Titan into the "sheeproll" and claim the pinfall along with the NWA WV/OH Jr. Heavyweight Championship!!!!

Titan was outraged, and claimed that Arpin had rigged the match to fall in Inbred's favor. Titan vowed to take the match to the Executive committee. New Champion at 15:45 Bobby Inbred !

Parkersburg, WV, Dils Center 09/08/00, 7:00 p.m.

A packed house at the Dils Center meant action + as the fans gathered to see the wrestling legend Mr. USA Tony Atlas!  The rough weather would not stop these true wrestling fans from catching the superstars of the NWA WV/OH.

 #1 Wildcat vs The Garbageman

 The Garbageman had a hard time with the fans, the sound man, and the biggest trouble of all, Wildcat. From the first tone of the bell G-man was all over the fans, really getting on several at ringside, and berating the sound man about using the wrong music. When g-man finally got into the ring, Wildcat got right to business keeping g-man down with armlocks, and a very powerful headlock. Gman countered with leg holds, and figure four attempts but Wildcat kicked clear each time allthough Wildcat had the G-mans number, it was the "Trashcan roll"  by the Garbageman for the victory at 8:13

 #2 Viper vs Travis time

 Taking a shot at the singles match side of things, Travis Time bit off far more than he could chew as Viper beat 1/2 of "Hard Times" to a pulp. Travis made the mistake of trying break the rules in a match against the man who has broken them all. Commissioner Viper assaulted Time to a virtual standstill using punches, kicks, chokes, and some heart stopping chest slaps. Viper toyed with his opponent until the crowd called for the "Venom Injector" and Travis felt defeat from a venom overdose.

 #3 Hardcore Title Championship !!!!
 Big Gunn Jeff Cannon  vs  the champion Mr. Attitude

 The Big Gunn decided to turn things up a notch as he made his bid for the Hardcore Title. Cannon moved with speed and determination, using his agility to offset the raw power of Mr. Attitude. The South Philly brawler took Gunn to the limit and frustrated Cannon at every turn. After more than 5 minutes of flat out and out fighting the two spilled out onto the floor where the fist flew as did everything in the Dils Center but the kitchen sink. Suddenly a well dressed David Powers appeared, and showed interest in the match. As the participants made it back to the squared circle, Powers followed with what appeared to be a large book. At the 11 minute mark Powers climbed onto the ring apron and seemed to be waiting for something, at this moment Big Gunn delivered a low blow to Attitude, and steered him toward Powers. Powers raised his "book" and revealed a brick which he struck Attitude in the head with. Big Gunn made a fast cover and left as the new  "Hardcore champion".

 #4 Tag Team: David Powers & Viper ?
              Mr. Attitude &  Evil Ninja ?

 This was a little strange, as Awesome Arpin, who was at the timekeepers table, used his authority as booker, to sign a match pitting David Powers in a tag team match against Mr. Attitude. Attitude was itching to get his hands on Powers for costing him the Hardcore Title a short time earlier.  Powers claimed to have Laryngitis, and no ring gear, and no partner, as he was not signed for a match on the card. Powers was put off, as Arpin made the tag team match, permitted Powers to wrestle in his street clothes, and found him a partner, VIPER!  The fans came unglued as Viper made his way to ringside and offered to tag with Powers. David was livid, but not without a plan of his own as he was able to pick a partner for Attitude, the Evil Ninja ! (Attitude & Ninja do not get along professionally or personally) As the match got underway Powers found himself across from 300 lbs of fury as Attitude wanted to destroy Powers. David made the quick tag to Viper, and the 2 started things off.

 After 1 minute of action Attitude found himself still weak from the brick attack, and at the mercy of Viper. Viper back-tagged Powers and brought him in to a prone Attitude. As Powers worked over Attitude, he found himself unable to tag Viper, who kept stepping off the apron to adjust his boots, and leg brace. Attitude made the comeback, and tagged in Ninja who worked over Powers with a variety of martial arts maneuvers. Ninja tagged in Attitude and soon Powers was in deep trouble. Attitude sought to tag Ninja in for the win, but Ninja was now having trouble with his boots, and would not make the tag. Attitude stopped the match and made it clear to Powers that Ninja and Viper were the enemy, not partners.  As Powers backed away from Attitude, he spun and decked Viper just as Attitude dispatched Ninja. Soon Viper and Ninja entered the ring and a brawl ensued that had referee Tony Wolfe call for the bell, and dq the participants. The 4 fought all the way to the dressing room.

 #5 NWA WV/OH Heavyweight Championship.

 MR. USA Tony Atlas vs  New Champion J.W. Idol

 Fresh off the victory over Awesome Arpin, J.W was determined to set a record as the longest reigning champion ever. Unfortunately J.W. did not count on having to meet the most recent challenger the throne, Tony Atlas!  This was a tough contest as JW used his ring skills to try and match Atlas incredible strength.  Idol used maneuver after maneuver to try and wear down Tony, and several times thought he had the former WWF tag team champion beaten, but to no avail. Tony Atlas called upon his great reserves of strength to match the wrestling machine Idol, and keep him away from victory, and a successful title defense.

 At the 13 minutes mark, Idol became frustrated and started brawling with Atlas, and even turned his attention on Awesome Arpin, but Tony Atlas took advantage of the momentary lapse in JW's attention, and caught him in a schoolboy roll up for the pin and the NWA WV/OH title !


 #6 Battle royal to determine the #1 contender.

 This pier 6 brawl saw all the stars of the NWA WV/OH including the new champion Tony Atlas.  There were no friendships, and no love lost anywhere as this all out war that lasted just 5 minutes, and saw J.W. Idol emerge as the winner, and new #1 contender for the NWA WV/OH heavyweight title held by Tony Atlas.

 Ring Reporter Johnny Gunn !


Prior to the opening bell, NWA WV/OH promoter Awesome Arpin summoned newly reinstated referee Tony Wolfe and former commissioner David Powers to the announcers table. Although it wasn’t clear what the conversation was about, Powers was livid by the time it was over and has to be restrained by Wolfe from entering the crowd to confront some noisy fans. Newly appointed commissioner Viper came out and promptly offered to battle Powers for his old office, an offer Powers quickly backed down from. As Powers made his way back to the dressing area, he berated Arpin and Wolfe and even threatened to slug internet reporter Corey Hickman of Piledriver Press.

Match 1: Triple-threat match – Travis Time vs. Tommy Boy Mulligan vs. Blue Lightning
The first match got underway pitting three of the NWA WV/OH’s young guns in a falls count anywhere encounter. As Blue Lightning launched an early offensive, Time tried to keep out of the action for the moment by lounging around in a corner and watching the action. He was soon dragged into the battle and all hell soon broke loose. The three brawled across the crowded field of Myles Stadium where the annual Country Roads Festival was being held to the other side. As Awesome Arpin followed with a microphone to cover all the action, the three somehow wound up in one of the porta-johns. After a few seconds, they spilled out and it appeared as though Tommy Boy Mulligan took the worst of it…covered in a funny blue liquid and toilet paper. Travis dragged Tommy back to the ring and immediately kicked him in the gut…causing him to spew more of the blue liquid. Tommy Boy went down hard and was easy pickings for Blue Lightning to score the pin. Time quickly capitalized on Lightning’s mini-celebration and school-boyed him for the overall win.

Match 2: Luscious Rocky Reynolds w/ Ace Spalding vs. Tyler James

If the future of the NWA WV/OH is reflected in the actions of these two rookies, it’s certainly a bright one. The ripped Reynolds stormed to the ring and waited eagerly for the popular James to arrive. After James hit the ring, Reynolds went straight to work and dominated the majority of the match hitting not only power moves, but high flying moves that would bedazzle a luchador on any given day. Tyler managed to rally with the fans behind him and turn the tide briefly, but was distracted by manager Ace Spalding who quickly hit the mat when James threatened to take his block off. With his attention turned, Rocky resumed his pummeling of Tyler. He managed to catch James’ hurricanrana attempt and turn it into a crushing power bomb for the win.

Match 3: Doink vs. Magnum

It didn’t take long for the clown’s antics to distract Magnum enough to make him stall the match. After referee Tony Wolfe FINALLY got control back, Doink was able to sneak a roll-up for the win. Afterwards, David Powers tried to console Magnum…only to get a bucket of water thrown in his face by Doink for his efforts.

Match 4: Big Poppa Gator vs. King Kong Bundy

Gator didn’t make any friends at all in Pennsboro by making several off-color remarks about the local citizens, and didn’t make King Kong Bundy that happy either. Bundy came to ringside and announced on the mic that Gator would receive a Pennsboro-style ass-kicking, much to the delight of the fans. Gator and Bundy took turns controlling the match with power moves that would’ve turned an ordinary man to mush. Bundy finally slowed Gator enough for a slam, splash, and the 1-2-3.

Match 5: Hardcore Championship – Viper vs. Mr. Attitude (champion)

Viper had lost the title six days prior in Belpre, Ohio to Mr. Attitude in a controversial manner. As you know by now, Viper was appointed commissioner only days later. Nonetheless, Viper was still entitled to a rematch and certainly made the most of it. Viper and Attitude battled around the stadium seating area, eventually going to the top level and into an old press box/ticket booth. Both men were busted open during the war up and down the stairs. They finally wound up around ringside again, and Viper took control by hitting several flying elbows off the ring apron onto his opponent and using a baseball bat. Attitude eventually couldn’t continue and Viper was able to pin him long enough to win the NWA WV/OH Hardcore championship again.

Match 6: David Powers vs. Wildcat

Once he helped Mr. Attitude out of the ring, Mr. Arpin announced to Powers that his opponent would be none other than veteran Wildcat. Wildcat and Powers went tooth and nail, working on scientific holds and a mix of brawling. Both men tried to give each other chops across the chest, but Wilcat got the upper hand. Powers rebounded to take down Wildcat with leglocks and holds. After Tony Wolfe broke a choke hold, Powers got in his face about the call. While he was distracted, Wildcat was able to surprise the former commissioner with a quick pin…and I mean quick.

Match 7: Bobby Inbred vs. Johnny Hard (special referee 10 year-old Chris Arpin)

Bobby and Johnny have a history as different personalities, but their newfound personas are definitely more on the extreme side! Right now, Inbred is ½ of the team of the Sheeplayers, and Hard is ½ of the team of Hard Times…both contenders for the vacant tag team titles. Each man relied on speed and high-flying maneuvers to get the upper hand. Chris Arpin made the calls right down the middle, but apparently Johnny Hard didn’t see it that way. After Chris tried to reprimand Johnny for his lack of regard for the rulebook, Hard shoved him to the mat. Chris picked himself off the mat and gave his assailant a shot between the legs and a ‘X-factor’, allowing Bobby to score the win.

Match 8: Main Event – Brandi Alexander vs. Lexi Fyfe

Both of these lovely ladies are no strangers to each other or the independent scene. Alexander has even appeared on WCW television a time or two. The two femme-fatales were evenly matched going in, but Brandi chose to use chokes and hair pulls throughout the match up. Although it seemed as though Brandi would pin Fyfe and any moment, Lexi continually fought back. Lexi eventually caught Brandi in a bridge suplex for the pin!


1st match David Powers vs a mystery opponent per the Executive committee

Powers opponent, The Garbageman Man !
In record time, Garbageman defeated Powers in 4 minutes. Powers and Gman exchanged punches and kicks along with a little arm work by Powers, until Gman used a low kick, and followed up with his "can opener" elbow off the top rope.

2nd match  Goonberg vs Wildcat.
Goonberg defended his honor but not the rookie of the year title as he faced the fan favorite Wildcat in a fast paced 12 minute match that saw Wildcat defeat "the Greatness" by pinfall.

3rd match Tommy Boy Mulligan vs Keith News
Mulligan, less his bed wear, faced tough newcomer Keith News in a test of power and ring savvy. News used great ring technique and  met the rough and tumble Mulligan straight up, but came up short at the 8 minute mark, as Mulligan took the three count.

4th match Continuing the tag team tournament.
Bobby inbred & Romeo Godwin  "the Sheeplayers"
Evil Ninja   & Insano The Clown

The Sheeplayers were in rare form and delighted the fans by frustrating the Ninja & Insano to the point of nearly quitting. Ninja & Insano used a tremendous amount of power moves to wear down Bobby Inbred and cutting off the ring to keep Godwin from making the tag. Bobby rallied at the 10 minute mark and made the tag ! Romeo tore into the terrible two and left them both laying as Bobby connected with the "sheep dive" off the top rope for the pin.

After the 4th match David Powers returned to the timekeepers table, and announced that J.W. Idol had been injured, and the the Steel Cage Main Event would still occur, but that there would now be a "wild card" drawn from the roster for the night.

5th match  Magnum  vs  Blue Lightning
The man who can get no respect from the fans, Magnum, faced Pennsboro's favorite, Blue Lightning. In a fast exchange of great scientific and technical skill, Lightning & Magnum never stopped moving through the 9 minute torture test. It was a tremendous contest, that saw Magnum get the upper hand and take the pinfall victory.

Intermission to assemble the Steel Cage!!!!!!!!!!

A quick recap, At the last show in March, there was complete confusion as the NWA WV/OH title was "taken" by the Garbageman, with a lot of help from his friends. While it was true that Gman did take the three count over Awesome Arpin, it was also true that Viper, Goonberg, Tommy boy mulligan and J.W. Idol were involved.

As a result the Executive Committiee ordered Awesome Arpin, Viper, and J.W. Idol to meet in a Steel Cage Match with Weapons, to determine the undisputed NWA WV/OH & Hardcore Champions.

Awesome Arpin and Viper were called to the ring, All the other wrestlers were called out to ringside to stand, for a drawing to determine the "wildcard" wrestler. 

After all names were gathered, the drawing pulled out the name of
........................ BOBBY INBRED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arpin chuckled, Viper laughed out loud, and other wrestlers stared, unwilling to accept the outcome. Bobby Inbred charged into the cage and surprised everyone by attacking Viper, and inflicting considerable punishment upon him. Viper soon turned the tables on Inbred and left him lying in a heap. Viper turned his attention to Arpin, who made short work of him. Arpin used wooden planks, forks, cake pans, a toilet seat, a kendo stick, and a ladder to pummel Viper into a bloody mess. 3 times Arpin was victorious and attempted to leave the cage but, was held up as referee Tony Wolfe could not "find the key" Arpin returned to the action, 2 times powerbombing Bobby Inbred until he was unconscious. At this point Viper drew something from his trunks and threw a white powder into Arpin's face, then beat him severely. Viper turned to leave the cage, and was met full in the face by a metal plate swung by Bobby Inbred.

Bobby took to the top turnbuckle, and used the "sheep Dive"  to stun Viper. Bobby signaled for the door and referee Wolfe was able to come up with the key, Bobby scrambled to the floor, and claimed the NWA WV/OH Heavyweight Title!

Viper recovered enough to squirm his way to the door, and with assistance from Tony Wolfe, made it out to claim the Hardcore Title. 

Arpin was left standing in the ring furious!  Arpin demanded a match with Wolfe next month, when the NWA WV/OH returns to Pennsboro on May 6th.

Reported by Johnny Gunn.

Pennsboro WV. March 4th belltime 8:00

The show opened up with the drawing of the first partners of the tag-team tournament. J.W. Idol, 1/2 of the former champions, drew from the hat and was livid that his partner was Awesome Arpin !  

#1 Goonberg vs Flying Freddie Fargo
The rookie of the year Goonberg vs Freddie Fargo Special guest Referee the youngest in the sport today, Christopher Arpin ! 

In the Iron man match, it was Fargo 2 Goonberg 4 when Goonberg suddenly bailed out and reminded Commissioner Powers that in a previous contract situation it was assured to Goonberg that if he ever pinned Fargo 4 times, he would be declared the winner no matter the type of match. Goonberg was declared the winner pending review of the contract. 

As Fargo was the looser he had to bid the fans farewell, and leave wrestling forever. As Fargo was leaving he was stopped by his "brother" Romeo Godwin and asked to stop his charade, and go back to acting normal as "Bobby Inbred". Fargo, now Inbred leapt into his brothers arm and offered to join him in the tag team tournament later in the night. 

#2 Tommy Boy Mulligan vs Blue lightning
The looser of this match has to wear ladies lingerie around the ring. These two tore into each other using strength and skill to try and gain an advantage over the other. At the 8:10 mark Lightning caught Mulligan in a high impact body drop for the pinfall. After Mulligan donned the bed wear he asked to be released from the "parade". Commissioner Powers instead had Mulligan sit at ringside for the rest of the card.

#3   First tag team tournament match !
J.W.Idol & Awesome Arpin  vs  Dr. Doom & Evil Ninja
Idol and Arpin had a hard time acting as a team as it looked at many times that Doom and Ninja would win the match and advance in the tournament. Finally at the 8:00 mark Idol struck the Ninja and Doom with a metal tray as the referee and Arpin were distracted by Idols manager Bryan Fury.

Winners and advancing: Idol and Arpin

#4 Magnum  VS  Thriller
After trying to convince the fans that he was a scientific star of the NWA, Magnum showed his true colors as he tried to beat Thriller into submission. After 6:40 seconds Magnum's style proved too much for Thriller, as he covered him for the pin.

#5  Tag Team Tournament 2nd round.
The Sheeplayers            vs   White Lightning.
Bobby Inbred & Romeo Godwin    Titan & Thriller
In the second round of the tournament to determine new tag team champions the new team of the Sheeplayers drew one time champions White Lightning. This battle was one of odd maneuvers, and strange sights with Godwin & Inbred frustrating Lightning into nearly giving up. Using the tactics that made them champions in the past, Lightning pulled out the win to advance at the 9:40 mark.

#6 Hardcore Title Match.
Viper   VS    Jimmy Rambo
Viper was livid when he learned that Jimmy Rambo had been omitted from the final round of the Hardcore tournament. The Champion handed over the belt and met Rambo with a fury intended to end his career. The match could not be contained in the ring as the two men fought into the crowd, across the floor and into the balcony. Viper opened a cut on the head of Rambo and Jimmy  returned the favor. As both men bled from their wounds, Viper soon gained sight of his prize and soundly defeated Rambo to become the undisputed Hardcore Champion. 10:00 even.

#7 NWA WV/OH Heavyweight title
Champion Awesome Arpin   VS   Garbageman
After a month of "trash talking" on the message board, Garbageman finally got a chance to show if he could back up his string of waste. The Champion kept the G-man on the run, as the as the masked man spent more time outside the ring then on the inside.

This was the plan all along as Arpin was jumped from behind while referee Tony Wolfe attended to G-mans "injuries". A surprise came next as Viper charged the ring and cleared house, then told Arpin to "take care of business" indicating the Garbageman lying outside the ring with a bad knee. As Arpin turned his attention to Garbageman, Viper struck him in the back of the head with a steel pipe. Garbageman wasted no time as he "recovered" and dove into the ring to cover the out-cold Arpin for the three count. Garbageman did not wait for the announcement, instead he grabbed the belt and left the building.

What happened next is under investigation by the Executive committee and can not be commented on here.

I can tell you that it involves J.W. Idol, Viper, Arpin and a steel cage match !

Ring reporter Johnny Gunn

Saturday night January 29, 2000, Pennsboro, WV, Pennsboro High School

A capacity crowd braved the sleet, and snow to see the NWA WV/OH return to their town! 7 great matches promised a great night of action, and the fans were not disappointed !

#1 "Magnum"  vs  Wildcat

The newcomer Magnum tried to show the locker room why he was here and what he was all about as he attempted to finish off the Wildcat in short order. Wildcat used all of his skill and battle know how to try and counter the strength and rulebreaking tactics of Magnum. This was a tough struggle that ran non-stop, until the 10:08 mark when Magnum scored a pinfall victory.

#2 Tommy Boy Mulligan vs Blue Lightning

This fued that was at one time thought to be over, re-ignited in the Pennsboro High School Gym as Blue Lightning and Tommy Boy tore into each other and tried all manner of manuvers and aerial assualts to bring this war to an end.  After 7:59, when neither man seemed to have the strength to stand, Lightning caught Tommy Boy in a pinning predicament. This was not the finish however, the match featured the "looser must eat dog food stipulation and Mulligan was soon up to his ears in Alpo.

#3 Big Gunn  vs  Mr. Main Event Curt Allen.

Big Gunn took the ring mic and explained that he had traveled up and down the road with Allen, and as partners they had no equals, but suddenly, it seemed to Big Gunn, that Allen really wanted to be the "main event", on his own. Allen charged the ring and the battle raged! Big Gunn used the high impact moves that he is famous for, while Allen tried to use his speed and agility to overcome the brute force of Bigg Gunn. After 10:11, Gunn caught Allen in a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for the pin.

#4 Evil Ninja  vs  David Powers

Commissioner Powers continued his efforts at his 38th straight victory tonight with a match against the Evil Ninja Powers and Ninja met each other heads up as this match quickly degenerated into a brawl that saw the Ninja pull out all the stops and finally overcome Powers with an out of nowhere DDT at the 8:15 mark Referee Tony Wolfe counted the pinfall as Powers streak came to an end, and The Ninja claimed the victory.

#5  Dr. Doom  vs  Doink the Clown

Dr. Doom took a shot at a higher spot on the ratings ladder when he thought that Doink would be a pushover. The Doc found out that Doink would not lay down for anyone as he used his patented "circus style" to wear the Dr. down, frustrate him, and eventually cover him for the pin. After the match, Doink tried to give the Doc a 5 gallon cool off, but the Doctor moved, and Tony Wolfe caught the "pause that refreshes".

#6 Jake Williams     Blue lightning
   James Diamond     White Lightning

In a last minute substitution, Blue Lightning came to the aid of his friend White Lightning, after it was discovered that 1/2 of the team of White Lightning was missing due to the weather. The team of "Greased Lightning" met Williams and Diamond in a battle to determine the next contenders for the NWA WV/OH tag team titles. This was a pier six brawl as the wrestling was fast and furious with many suicide dives, dropkicks, and a never before seen display of rulebreaking, by the team of Williams and Diamond. After nearly 7 minutes of action, Referee Tony Wolfe had to throw both teams out and declare the match a draw.

#7 Hardcore, Three way dance for the NWA WV/OH Heavyweight Title !

Viper vs  Goonberg  vs  "Awesome" Arpin (champ)

Viper and Goonberg made their way to the ring and brought a host of weapons along with a table. Awesome Arpin brought a Kendo Stick, and an Attitude. Viper teamed with Goonberg in an attempt to destroy his long time rival Arpin. Viper has tried all manner of matches to capture the belt from Arpin, and has now resorted to using attacks in and out of the ring along with a group of thugs. The match was a war from the get go, with all three men trying to bust the others open, and trying to end a title reign by beginning another one. Viper used cooking trays, lumber, his crutch wrapped in barbed wire, and anything else he could find along with Goonberg to try and finish Arpin. Everytime Arpin was down Viper went for the cover only to be pulled of by Goonberg. Soon Goonberg and Viper found themselves toe to toe fighting each other with chairs and the ring bell among other weapons. at 12:00 Viper knew that he could not overcome the big man, so he did the next best thing to winning, he ran off to fight another day. Goonberg stopped Viper in the aisle, and got a chair shot to the head for his trouble.  As Goonberg saw his predicament, he turned to leave as well until David Powers came out of the crowd and "helped" Goonberg back into the ring where Arpin used his Giant Power Bomb to drive Goonberg thru a table and into defeat.

Arpin retains the title by pinfall at 12:48.

Submitted by ring reporter Johnny Gunn

Results - Parkersburg, 01/08/00, belltime 8:00.
A capacity crowd again packed the Dills center to see 4 big matches of NWA WV-OH championship wrestling.

In the first encounter the now hated Garbageman faced newcomer "Bobby Inbred"
Garbageman insulted the fans and the rich history of Parkersburg in anticipation of an early victory

Bobby Inbred used a style of wrestling not seen in the ring before, as he delighted the fans and frustrated the Garbegeman to the point that the masked man stormed into the back indicating that the match was over.
Garbageman raced into the ring just in time to beat the refs count and administer a beating to the young Inbred.
After much action and agrivation, Inbred wrapped up the Garbageman in his "family tree" submission hold and rolled the g-man over for the three count.
Referee Tony Wolfe indicated that Inbred was the winner, but at ringside Richard Arpin declared Garbageman had raised his shoulder, and he was the winner.
To make matters worse Goonberg hit the ring and declared that both men had their shoulders on the mat.
As an argument ensued, Inbred & Garbageman hit Goonberg with a double clothsline and dropped him in his tracks.
As Inbred was taunting the fallen Goonberg, Garbageman exploded accross the mat and knocked the youngster out over the top rope. The final verdict: A DRAW !

Match number 2 never made it to the ring as David Powers and Dr. Destruction met in the hallway to the ring and a fight broke out between the two.
The ref felt that Powers & Destruction could not control themselves so he threw out the match.

Match # 3 was also a disappointment as the Evil Ninja had missed a connecting flight out of North Carolina and also his encounter with Titan.
The fans were looking forward to the high impact, fast paced style that these two exhibit.
Titan was declared the winner by forfeit, but he refused to accept the victory in this manner.

Match # 4 Promoter Richard Arpin signed Goonberg to face Titan earlier in the evening before Goonberg stuck his nose in another match and got paid for it.
The match instead became a three way tag match between Goonberg, Titan, and surprise, Bobby Inbred.
The match was very fast paced with Titan hitting several high impact maneuvers including a Power bomb and a Famouser.
Inbred used his "special" style to frustrate both Goonberg & Titan.
"The greatness that is Goonberg" tried to shine and
In the end Goonberg formed an alliance with Inbred to assault Titan, but the veteran used a high crossbody block to win the match by way of the pinfall.

Submitted by Johnny Gunn

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