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Height: 6'0"

Weight: 227 lbs.

Hometown: Wellston, OH

Magnum is definitely bound for gold.  He can adapt to any style easily, from high-flying, to brawling, to technical.  He has been labeled as one of the most resilient players in the sport today.  Magnum is a multi-time NWA Tri-State Heavyweight Champion.  He made history on March 8, 2002 when he defeated both Mason Hunter and Brock Singleton on a controversial match to unify the NWA Tri-State heavyweight title with the Mason-Dixon heavyweight title (held then by Brock Singleton) and MDW Tri-State title (the secondary title, held by Mason Hunter) in a three-way dance in Stonewood, WV.  Magnum retired from active competition due to injuries in late 2002.

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