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Middletown Mall, Fairmont, WV
December 28, 2001

     It was announced that King Kong Bundy was unable to attend due to illness.
-Dash Bennett beat Daron Smythe in a rare loss for the former TV champ.
-Mr. Attitude beat Spiffy Sean Styles
-The Thrillbillies beat Nikita Allanov, Valik, and manager Ace Spalding in a handicap match when Ox and Jed hit "shine time" on Spalding after being abandoned by his charges
-Following a brief intermission, a battle royal was held and Mr. Attitude was the last man in the ring
-Brock Singleton beat Rocky Reynolds
-NWA WV/OH Heavyweight champion Magnum beat Mason Hunter via DQ in the main event.

Parkersburg City Park Pavilion, Parkersburg, WV
December 8, 2001

No seats were left on the floor at the Parkersburg city park Pavilion as the NWA WV/Ohio returned for another great card of professional wrestling . It was December 8th, with a belittle of 7:00,  that saw 8 great matches that left the fans with 2 new champions, a chance to see a former worlds champion, the reunion of a great tag team, and ... TWO MAGNUMS ?????????

Lance Dayton vs. The Extremist
These two newcomers to the NWA WV/Ohio gave it their all as they showed the fans what kind of product the schools of pro wrestling training are turning out today. The Extremist showed great technical skill, as Lance Dayton stuck more to the rough and ready style, still showing that he was no wrestling slouch himself. A great match, that saw Dayton take the pinfall victory after a hard fought battle.
Winner: Lance Dayton

Valik vs. Wildcat
The Dark Warrior took 1 step up the ladder of contention as he challenged the crafty veteran Wildcat to a match of “old school” proportions. Valik wasted no time in attacking Wildcats arm, as he tried to take away one of the Cats weapons by using arm wringers, hammerlocks, and an Undertaker style top rope walk to slam down on Wildcats arm halfway across the ring. Wildcat soon rallied, and as he worked the feeling back into his arm, soundly beat Valik into near submission. The Dark warrior showed a hidden reserve of strength however, as he weakened Wildcat enough that he could get a three count victory. (the ref did not see Valiks feet on the second rope)
Winner: Valik

Dash Bennett vs. Rain
The fans were anxious as always to see Rain and his Luchadore style of speed and “chain wrestling” in the manner that confuses his opponents, and always shows the fans something new and exciting. Bennett tried to ground rain, by using high impact slams, and power clotheslines to keep him off his feet. Rain was able to use his skills to escape Bennett, and hold him just off balance, to attempt to bring Dash down to the mat. Bennett took the upper hand with chokes that allowed him several two counts, but Rain was able to out fox his opponent, as Rain finally caught Dash in his 450 splash from the top rope for the pin.
Winner: Rain

Homicide vs. Brandon K
These two new comers showed the opposite end of the wrestling spectrum to the fans, as the veterans gave each other an all out brawl trying to gain a victory, and cement a position of contention in the NWA WV/OH. Homicide used size, awesome power, and devastating submission maneuvers in his effort to upset Brandon K, but the big man soon found out that Brandon was no slouch in the power department himself.  After 5 minutes of furious action, Homicide lifted Brandon into a high suplex and held him aloft for an eternity, dropped him in the middle of the ring, scooped him up and applied a vicious powerbomb slam to take the pin, and the victory.
Winner: Homicide

Fabulous Frederick Vs  Champion Darren Smythe
Frederick was on his game this night, after berating the fans, and the ring announcer, he tore into Darren looking for the earlier victory  that would get him the TV Title. Frederick did not seem to realize that Smythe did not get the title for free, as he used a variety of armdrags to take the Fabulous one down, and bring him to the far end of  the championship, Frederick showed the skill that makes a ring general, however, as he turned back the efforts of the champ, and began a campaign of his own that would lead to many near falls, and almost choke out of the TV title holder. The tide of the battle turned again, as Darren took Frederick to the near three count several times, but in the end, everyone but the referee watched as Frederick used brass knuckles to render Darren Smythe prone on the mat, and cover him to become the new NWA WV/Ohio Television Champion !!

Magnum Vs  Champion Luscious Rocky Reynolds
16 Lumberjacks surrounded the ring, and suddenly the Luscious god realized that he had no where to go, and would have to face the man that wanted his title back.  Magnum hit the ring, and the two titans tore into each other with a fearsome resolve. This was not a wrestling match, but a war for supremacy in this federation that saw both men use signature moves to try and take the win. Magnum used “diamond dust”, but Rocky was able to kick out. The Luscious god used his now famous “swanton bomb”, but Magnum was able to roll out of the way.  The low blows and choke holds matched the amount of times the grapplers threw each other out of the ring so that the Lumberjacks could return them with vigor. Rocky had the upper hand many times, as did Magnum, but there seemed to be no way for either to gain an advantage over the other. The end of the match came suddenly, as Magnum caught Rocky in a Super Slam for the three count, and the return of “his” title.
Winner: Magnum regains the NWA WV/Ohio Heavyweight Championship

Star and Nikita Allenov  Vs. The U.S. Express  Awesome Arpin & J. W. Idol
The fans demanded this match, and the NWA WV/OH. delivered.  Last month, in the pavilion, Star and Nikita picked a fight with promoter Richard Arpin and his former partner J.W. Idol. as they attacked the former tag team champs when they broke up a fight in the ring. Now Star and Nikita stood in the ring opposite two legends in this promotion and although they thought that Arpin and Idol were “old and out of shape”, the quickly learned otherwise. Star tried to match power with Awesome Arpin, and found out what “awesome” was all about. Idol and Arpin out wrestled the dastardly duo, out fought them, and even out 'rulebreakerd' them!  J.W. found himself  bloody at the 8 minute mark, as Star and Rain took advantage of the refs distraction, by pulling Shane Mcmichaels into the path of an “Awesome” corner slam, and striking Arpin in the back of the head with Allenov's chain. Star covered Arpin for the pin, as a groggy ref tolled the count.  Commissioner David Powers would not allow this however, as he informed Shane of what went on, and re-started the match. J.W. Idol took advantage of the situation to roll up Allenov for the three count victory!!
Winners: The US Express.

Broadway match !!
Quinn Magnum - NWA North American Champion
Gary Steele (Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion)
Quinn Magnum tried to advance his position with the board of directors of the National Wrestling Alliance by attempting to gain a victory over the former world champion...and current holder of the belt...Gary Steele.  (While Gary is not recognized as the worlds champion, he is in physical possession of the title).

Steele took this opportunity to provide Quinn with a lesson in mat wrestling that left the north American champ in a state of confusion, and frustration. Since this was a “Broadway match” with a fifteen minute time limit,  both competitors soon switched into high gear and began a series of high speed maneuvers, high impact blows, and brawling to try and secure a victory. While both men caught the other in several two counts, they were both bent on getting the win. at the 11:42 point, the action spilled out of the ring, and in the midst of brawling,  both men were counted out.
The referee's decision: Draw

At this point, Promoter Richard Arpin brought  NWA WV/OH. Heavyweight Champion Magnum to ringside as the fans demanded.  Arpin offered a challenge to Magnum, on behalf of  Magnum. Quinn considered the challenge, and after some prodding from the fans, accepted. When the NWA WV/OH. returns  to the pavilion on 02/01/02, the fans will see the much demanded match of Magnum versus Magnum.

Submitted by Gerald Armstrong

Results from Parkersburg City Park Pavilion November 3rd, 2001

With a bell time of 7:00 p.m., the National Wrestling Alliance of West Virginia / Ohio again brought a great card to the full crowd at the Pavilion.

Promoter Richard Arpin asked the crowd to stand as the events of the last several weeks were recognized, the souls lost honored, and acknowledgment of the heroes paid. The crowd stood in silence as the song "Proud to be an American", as sung by Lee Greenwood, was played.  At the near climax to the song, a power failure shut down the audio systems, but the loyal American fans finished the song themselves, and then began a strong chant of "USA USA USA"!

Match #1 Tag Team, Wildcat & Jasmine VS. Johnny Hard and Valik
This tag team encounter pitted Wildcat and Jasmine against the unlikely duo of Johnny Hard and the "Silent Warrior" Valik. Also, ever present with his obnoxious management style, Ace Spalding.

The action in this encounter was hard to follow, as the tags were fast and furious, along with the maneuvers. Wildcat used his knowledge and experience coupled with Jasmine's youth and determination to hand out a challenge that required Ace Spalding to intervene time and again on behalf of his men. Hard and Valik used power moves against Jasmine, trying desperately to slow down her speed and dampen her spirits. Wildcat tagged in and used his technical skill to try and wear down both men, every time The Cat found a pinning predicament however, Ace broke it up but distracting the referee. the force of Hard and Valik were able to overpower the veteran, and soon it looked as though Wildcat and Jasmine would fall, but Cat was able to get a tag to his partner, and Jasmine cleaned house!  All four wrestlers became involved in the action, and it looked like a stalemate was in the works, but when Jasmine was stunned, Hard and Valik held up Wildcat so that Ace could take a swing with his racquet, but as Ace connected, the referee caught him in the act and disqualified Hard and Valik. Jasmine, enraged with Spalding's interference crushed the manager in the corner, and beat him half to death, but stopped just past embarrassment.

Winners: Wildcat and Jasmine by DQ.

Match # 2 No DQ, Triple Threat match Star Vs Rain Vs Nikita Allenov
Star and Rain wasted no time tearing into each other, as Nikita waited for the right opportunity to jump the combatants, and bring them down with his vicious power moves. As the match raged, all three men found themselves facing each other, and also teaming against one man. First Star and Nikita teamed against Rain, then Rain and Star attacked Allanov, but all three fought with strength, speed, skill, and technical knowledge. Nikita used his sickle, Star with his Tarantula, and Rain with his famous 450 splash. In the end, a distraction provided by the lovely Miss Stephanie allowed Nikita to catch a win by pinfall. After the match was over, Star and Allanov jumped Rain with the Russian chain, and assaulted him until JW Idol ran to the ring, to make the save, but fell to the chain as well. Richard Arpin, at ringside, climbed into the ring, and saved his former partner.

Arpin and Idol--re-united as the US Express--stood tall, and challenged the team of Rain and Allanov to return to the ring, and as they did a melee ensued that saw Idol and Arpin dish out as much punishment as they took. Rain and Nikita finally could take no more, and as they left the ring beaten and bruised, Arpin issued a challenge for Rain and Allanov to meet the US Express next month, upon the NWA WV / OH's return to City Park.  Arpin then used his promoters privilege to sign the match.

Winner: Nikita Allanov by pinfall.

Match # 3 Fabulous Freddrick VS. Dash Bennett
Freddrick was introduced first, and then inadvertently an incorrect opponent was announced. The Fabulous one berated the announcer, and then announced his opponent, Dash Bennett, and brought him from the dressing room to the ring. Freddrick misjudged Bennett badly, and the youngster took the battle straight to the Hollywood glamour boy. Dash used a headlock to repeatedly baffle and frustrate Freddrick, until Dash was lifted in a belly to back suplex and then caught in Freddrick's sleeperhold. Dash escaped, and then a rope-to-rope race led to a standoff that ultimately caused Freddrick to pull a foreign object; however, Dash got the brass knuckles away and when he attempted to catch Freddrick with them, the Fabulous one had another weapon, this lead to a mid-ring collision that left both men out cold. As referee Shane McMichaels administered the 10 count he found the weapons, and disqualified both men.

No winner, Double DQ.

Match # 4 "The Specialist" Mason Hunter VS. Sebastian Ice
Hunter got in the ring and put the bad mouth on promoter Richard Arpin about a lack of competition in the NWA WV/OH.  Arpin said he knew that this was coming, so he invited an old friend to return this area after a lengthy absence.  

Sebastian Ice made his way to the ring, and took the fight straight to Mason using power and speed to keep the "Specialist" on his toes. Ice chopped away at Hunter, and Mason reversed the situation giving Ice a series a chops, followed by a spinebuster, chokehold, heel kick, and a clothesline that took Sebastian out of his boots. After a two count, Ice rallied and took the battle back, and drove Mason into the corner with punches and kicks. Mason was down, and as the Iceman climbed to the top rope for the finisher, Mason sprang to his feet, caught Sebastian with a cheapshot, slingshot his throat off the tope rope, and pinned Ice with his feet on the ropes for leverage.

Winner: Mason Hunter by pinfall

Mr. Attitude VS. Champion Darren Smythe
Attitude felt it was his time to wear the gold again, so he took to the ring against the Television champion, in an effort to take a short cut, on the long road to the NWA Heavyweight Title.

The South Philly brawler used rule breaking tactics at first, but when Smythe countered with scientific maneuvers, Attitude showed that he could wrestle as well using armlocks and hammerlocks to take away one arm of the champ. Smythe used his own skills, and this brought him a series of two counts until Mr. Attitude caught Darren in a breath taking powerslam, and followed up with a painful standing neckbreaker / surfboard combination. When Attitude realized that Smythe would not give up, he switched back to choking, kicking, and eye gouging, this led to several pin attempts, but the champ kicked out every time. Frustrated, Mr. Attitude nailed the ref from behind, grabbed his trademark baseball bat and attempted to layout Smythe with it, but Smythe avoided the bat, and caught Attitude with a shot of his own that led to a pinfall victory and the continued title reign of the Television Champion Darren Smythe.

Winner and still NWA WV/OH TV champion, Darren Smythe

***************************** MAIN EVENT **********************************
NWA WV / OH. HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Magnum VS. Champion Luscious Rocky Reynolds
In the unfamiliar roll of challenger, Magnum faced the "Luscious God" for the NWA WV/OH heavyweight championship. Rocky defeated Star in Tampa, Florida just a few weeks ago for the coveted title, and was obligated to fulfill Star's contracted matches. Magnum did not underestimate Reynolds, despite the obvious height difference. Rocky was on the defensive from the opening bell, using dropkicks, along with several fast, high impact power maneuvers to try and make quick work of the former champ. Magnum was able to counter Rocky's battle plans, but every time Magnum caught Rocky in a pinning predicament, Reynolds rolled to the outside and took full advantage of the referee's rather slow 10-count.  After the third such incident, promoter Richard Arpin took to the mic and questioned ref "Stick" Keller's pace of the counts. Reynolds returned to the ring and went on the attack using his power to take Magnum down, and catch the challenger in several fast two count pin attempts. On one such pinfall cover, as Magnum placed his leg on the bottom rope, Keller was clearly heard by the officials at ringside as he stated: "Nuts, his foot was on the ropes".

This prompted Richard Arpin and Commissioner Powers to pay very close attention to "Stick's" counts for the rest of the match. The action spilled outside the ring, and when Magnum attempted to "post" Reynolds there was a quick reversal, and it was the challenger that took the metal corner post face first. Reynolds managed to dive into the ring at the 8 count, and suddenly the count went to 10 before Magnum could make it back in. Magnum protested, but "Stick" would not change his decision, therefore, Richard Arpin acknowledged Reynolds as the winner, and then set a rematch for December 8th, back at the Parkersburg City Park Pavilion.  Reynolds accepted, Magnum agreed, the Arpin used promoters privilege to declare that it would be a lumberjack match, and as Reynolds objected, commissioner David Powers in formed the crowd and the Luscious god, that the lumberjacks would be armed with leather straps.

Winner via count out, and still the NWA WV/OH Heavyweight champion, Rocky Reynolds

Results from the Parkersburg City Park Pavilion 10/06/01 bell time 7:00

The National Wrestling Alliance West Virginia / Ohio played to a packed house as the fans were treated to a solid card packed with action.

The show started on a solemn note as all of the stars of the NWA WV/Ohio lined the ring while Richard Arpin paid tribute to a fallen fan, the fan of the year, Brian Davis.  Brian passed a few weeks ago, and Richard Arpin presented Brian's parents with a plaque, along with the proceeds from an auction at Hooters, and in a very heartfelt moment, a 10 count with the ring bell.

1. Lone Wolfe vs. Fabulous Fredrick with Miss Stephanie

Newcomer Lone Wolfe approached Fredrick with caution, and the wily veteran took advantage with several hair pulls and distractions to the referee that allowed him to lure Lone Wolfe into a trap that was filled with cheap shots, closed fists, chokes, and a trip to the outside for Wolfe.

The newcomer was not to be taken lightly as he fought back and delivered some impressive maneuvers of his own.  Wolfe had FF on the defensive several times during this encounter that saw LW use technical skill, and a few fists of his own that saw him on the upside, until FF had Miss Stephanie climb the apron to distract Wolfe. This tactic worked until FF got distracted as well, BY LONE WOLFE!!  As Miss Stephanie took exception and slapped FF, Lone Wolfe got the school boy, and the three count.

2. Johnny Hard with Ace Spalding vs. Rain

Although most fans thought that Johnny was to be outclassed in this encounter, the recently un-suspended veteran gave it his all and put on an impressive display against the technically sound Rain.  Johnny Hard started this encounter fast and "hard" by trying all types of  short-cuts, and high impact maneuvers, while Rain used his skills, and feats of daring high flying action to take the battle right back to Hard. Rain dropped Johnny outside the ring and introduced him to the post, the returned to the ring so that he could catapult himself over the top rope in a suicide dive. When the action returned to the ring, Ace Spalding thought that his man needed help, so as he directed Hard to hold up Rain, Ace swung his tennis racquet, but the alert Rain ducked, and Hard took the racquet in the face, "Hard".  

With Johnny down, Rain caught Ace in a DDT, positioned him in the corner, and executed a picture perfect 450 splash on the prone manager.  Rain turned his attention to Johnny, who was still down from the racquet shot, and covered him for the three count. When Hard recovered, and realized what happened, he examined Spalding's tennis racquet, and found a metal plate inside the cover. Johnny looked to the crowd, and stomped a mud hole in Ace for his "help".

At this point Fabulous Fredrick returned to the ring and took the mic.  Fredrick complained about getting cheated by Lone Wolfe, and how he could have beaten him easily if had a few more minutes.  Lone Wolfe emerged from the locker room, and offered to go at Fredrick again, but the man from Hollywood, said "Only if you can put up with my new 'Attitude'" !!  At that moment, Mr. Attitude approached the ring, and stepped in as Fredrick's partner.  Lone Wolfe had gotten wind of the situation however, and with a quick word to the ring announcer.  Lone Wolfe's partner, Viper walked from the dressing room, with obvious purpose.  All four men tore into each other with a viciousness not seen in quite a while.  When order was restored, the fans were treated to a tag match that featured "old school" wrestling, and even older brawling that shook the building.  In the end, Attitude grabbed his trademark baseball bat, and threw it to...Lone Wolfe??  Attitude fell to the mat as if he had been hit, the ref turned and saw Wolfe with the bat, and disqualified Lone Wolfe and Viper, giving the win to Fabulous Fredrick, and Mr. Attitude.  After the match was over, Viper took the mic and told the fans that he had been cheated, and wanted some measure of revenge!!  Viper challenged Attitude to a match after intermission, Attitude accepted!

3. Mr. Attitude vs. Viper

After the break, Attitude stormed the ring, pacing back and forth like a caged animal.  Viper was announced, and as soon as he got in the ring the grapplers charged head on and locked up, each trying to overpower the other. Attitude soon realized that he could not overpower the snake man, so he switched to rule breaking, that also backfired on him.  Viper was able to take Attitude out of the ring, punch him to the ground, and then come off the top bleacher with an incredible high elbow that left Attitude shaken and near unconsciousness. Viper dragged Attitude back into the ring where the big Philly bully got a second wind, and handed Viper quite a beating along with am impressive wrestling display.  Viper rallied, and dished out some punishment of his own causing Attitude to use no holds barred rule-breaking in a last minute attempt to win the match. The referee could no longer control Attitude, and disqualified him declaring a bloody Viper the winner.

Star (Challenger)  vs.  Magnum (Champion)

Star had been bragging all night about how quickly he would dethrone the current champ Magnum.  After the introductions were completed, Magnum and Star set about a blistering pace of technical excellence that left the fans that were still sitting down on the edge of their seats. Star changed the pace of the match when he went to work on Magnum's knee, slowing the champ with a series of sweeps, leg locks, hamstring stretches, and a figure four leg lock.  Magnum was able to hold off Star's assault, and began a counter attack of his own that showed Star a different side of the champion. Star found himself on the short end of a face buster on the apron, and then as a "lawn dart" when Magnum carried Star on his shoulder and ran him into the dressing room door face-first...a horizontal spear!

Magnum dragged Star back to the ring, and went for his finisher, "diamond dust", hitting it right on the money. The referee dropped down and administered the three count, but Star managed to drape his leg over the bottom rope and break the count. Magnum got to his feet and started to argue with the ref, but while his was preoccupied Star regained his senses, caught Magnum with a low blow, and nailed the champ with his signature maneuver, STARSTRUCK!  This time, there was no stopping the referees count, as Magnum was pinned by Star, and the title changed hands!

5.  Following the Main event was a battle royal that pitted all the stars of the NWA West Virginia / Ohio against each other. The battles that raged earlier in the night were re-ignited as the battle grew to a fever pitch, that saw two titans at the end, Fabulous Fredrick, & Johnny Hard.  Johnny thought that he could beat FF in his kind of match, as he said, "The HARD way".  The referee and the ring crew threw a variety of weapons into the ring, as a hardcore match took place that saw--oddly enough--Fredrick take the upper hand, and beat Johnny at his own game, as Fredrick was declared the winner.

Report filed by Gerald Armstrong

September 1, 2001, Parkersburg, WV @ City Park Pavilion

A capacity crowd was on hand for another card of NWA WV/OHIO professional wrestling!

At the start of the card, it was brought to the attention of the floor staff that Johnny Hard had snuck into the building by wearing his NWA WV/OHIO shirt and wrestlers pass.  Hard is serving out a thirty day suspension thanks to his crack legal team, who saved him from a six month suspension due to a technicality.  Hard was removed from the building and had to buy a ticket to get back in.

1st match:  Crazy Bob Savage vs. Chris Cole
These two newcomers brought all of their tools to the table, as both men used a lot of high flying and super speed moves to try and upend each other.  Savage treated the fans to a variety of great offensive maneuvers including a suicide dive to the outside, an awesome spring board reverse off the rope clothesline, a missile drop-kick from the rafters, a great "savage sault" and a breathtaking top rope moonsault that missed Cole cleanly.  While Cole put his best foot forward, he could not overcome the offense that "Crazy" Bob put forth, as Savage caught Cole in a backslide at the 6:49 mark for the three count.

2nd match:  Ace Spalding vs. Spiffy Styles vs. Jazmynn Viktoria
While Jazmynn and Ace just wanted to hurt each other, newcomer "Spiffy" Styles was looking to impress the executive committee during his first match in this federation. The match was a three way see-saw battle with each of these competitors looking for the victory, and Spiffy seeming to be on unfamiliar ground. As Jasmine took over on Ace, and beat the tar out of the provincial playboy, Spiffy saw the pinfall situation, and pulled Jasmine away. This led to a heated encounter between Jaz and Spiffy. Finally an alliance formed between Spiffy and Ace as Spiffy held Jaz for a tennis racquet shot from Ace.  Ace wound up and swung, but Jazmynn ducked, Ace connected with Spiffy, and Jaz caught Ace in a DDT, lined up both men, and covered them for the three count at 8:17.  After the match Spiffy revived, and pulled the cover off the tennis racquet to reveal a metal plate. Spiffy stormed out of the ring in search of Spalding.  Jazmynn really shined in this encounter, as she showed the executive committee just what she is made of.

3rd match:  Rain with Miss Stephanie and The Screamin Demon  vs.  Star and Valik
This encounter brought the speed of Screamin Demon & Rain to face the technical skill of Star and the viciousness of Valik in a battle for tag team supremacy.  This match saw all manner of maneuvers, awesome speed and strength, along with rule breaking that surpassed many. Valik used his "old school" style to beat down Demon and Rain, while the cold and calculating Star tried to out wrestle his opponents and wear them down with painful submission holds. Rain used his great technical knowledge, and the Demon took advantage of his speed and surprising power to hold off the rule breakers, and bring Star down in the corner where Rain applied his 454 splash for a pinning predicament. Valik made the save, however, and while the referee was distracted by Miss Stephanie, The Demon found himself "Starstruck" as Star applied the cover for the three count at 10:11.

4th match: Nikita Allenoff with Miss Stephanie VS  Wildcat
When Allenoff arrived in the ring chants of "USA USA USA" echoed through the building prompting the Russian to declare that he would leave if the chants did not stop.  The fans complied as the chant became one of "RUSSIA BITES". Wildcat hit the ring and the two exchanged textbook wrestling holds that showed a stalemate in the works. Nikita could not maintain the pace that Wildcat set however, so he switched to the brutal tactics that have made him the "Soviet Terror". At the 7 minute mark, Wildcat could take the rule breakers chokes and foreign objects no longer, as he retaliated by taking Nikita's brass knuckles. Wildcat took a running punch to the Russians head just as Allenoff swung wildly with an object in his hand and the two connected solidly and fell to the mat.  Referee Shane McMichaels started the ten count, but caught sight of the objects and disqualified both grapplers. Double DQ at 9:00.

5th match:  Television Title Match !  Dash Bennett vs.  Darren Smythe
This match was to crown a new and first ever NWA West Virginia/Ohio Television Champion.  Bennett and Smythe tore into each other from the opening bell, with both wrestlers showing a fierce determination to become the winner, and the first holder of this prestigious title. These young lions showed their extensive technical knowledge, as they matched each other move for move, and showed a close match in the speed, agility and strength departments. Bennett soon began to show signs of frustration as he resorted to eye gouging, choking, and brutal kicks. Smythe retaliated however, as he matched the rule breaking with his counterattack. Dash began to get the upper hand however, as he tried on several occasions to pin Smythe but came away with a series of 2 counts.  Bennett sensed victory in the works as he climbed to the top ropes and leaped toward a prone Smythe who was playing possum and rolled out of the way. Darren was able to take the upper hand at this point and pin Bennett for the victory, to become the first ever National Wrestling Alliance West Virginia / Ohio Television Champion  after 10:03.

6th match: NWA WV/OHIO Heavyweight Title Match
Fabulous Fredrick  vs.  Luscious Rocky Reynolds   vs.   Magnum (champion)
The "Fabulous One" made his way to the ring, followed by your "Luscious god" Rocky Reynolds, and finally the current NWA WestVirginia/Ohio Heavyweight Champion, Magnum.  All three entered the ring, and  began a jawfest, apparently trying to talk their way into victory.  Suddenly, a figure walked through the arena door, removed his shirt and entered the ring. It was none other than Mason Hunter. Hunter took the microphone, and addressed each of the competitors before demanding to be entered into the contest for the title.  Commissioner David Powers allowed the encounter to change to a four way battle, the bell rang, and the violence erupted.  It was difficult to keep track of the action both in and out of the ring, but the highlights included an unprecedented 4 man application of the sleeper hold, a 4 way chest chop contest that saw Rocky Reynolds take the "short" end of the stick, however, it was the Luscious god that initiated the 4 way stunner to escape the sleeper hold.  The action was fast and furious as all four titans battled in and out of the ring using all types of high impact, and finishing maneuvers. Pinfalls were a constant two count, one second away from a new champion, or from Magnum keeping his title.  Around eight minutes into the action, referee Shane McMichaels was caught in the action and found himself crushed into the mat with a head injury.  As Shane was helped from the ring former senior referee Tony Wolfe who was on hand at ringside, made his way into the ring and took control of the action. In the end Magnum scored the pinfall victory to hold onto the NWA West Virginia/Ohio Heavyweight Title at 12:10.

August 17, Parkersburg, WV @ Parkersburg Homecoming, Downtown

The parking lot was standing room only as thousands of fans jockeyed for position to see the stars of the National Wrestling Alliance West Virginia/Ohio promotion at the annual Parkersburg Homecoming
Viper Vs Dash
Dash attacked Viper from behind as the young man tried to make a name for himself by dispatching the fan favorite.
Viper was not to be denied this night as he used the knowledge of thousands of matches to battle back and keep Dash on the offensive. This match took place in the ring as well as out with Viper landing his elbow from the apron onto a prone Dash as he laid on the tarmac. Dash was able to rally though, and gave Viper a fight to remember. When he had Viper up for the Death Valley driver, Viper was able to maneuver away and catch Dash in his "Venom Injector" for the pin at 5:10
Nikita Allenoff w/ Ace Spalding  Vs  Darren Smythe w/ Jasmine 
Ace wanted to see his Russian wrecking machine Nikita, take home the victory in front of a town rich in patriotism, and faithful to the USA.
The fans were solidly behind Darren however as the chants of USA!, USA!, echoed across the valley. Ace interfered in this match again and again, trying to upend Smyth, and give his man the win but Smyth and Allenoff are evenly matched, and as the contest raged on Ace tried again and again, finally,  Jasmine could no longer stand by and watch as Ace stuck his nose in the match, and she jumped on Ace and administered a beating he would not soon forget. 
With Allenoff distracted, Smyth was able to catch him in a high impact maneuver and secure the pinfall victory at 6:43
After the match Jasmine again lunged at Ace and beat him on the head and face until Darren was able to drag her away.  Ace was raging as he screamed for Jasmine to get into the ring, and promoter "Awesome" Arpin was quick to comply as he ordered a match between Ace and Jasmine later in the card.
Star w/ Miss Stephanie Vs Rain 
This was a high speed match that saw power & skill, along with high flying and great technical wrestling as Rain and Star tore into each other for the fastest 7 minutes of the night.
After a fast exchange of wrestling action, Star resorted to shortcuts and closed fists along with painful submission holds in an effort to neutralize Rain. After 5 minutes Rain began to make a comeback and soon had Star prone in the corner as he hit him with his "454 Downpour" splash.
Rain covered Star for the pin, but Miss Stephanie climbed onto the apron, and beckoned Rain to the ropes where she stunned him with a kiss !  Rain turned around to finish Star but found himself caught with Stars boot, and a painful DDT.  Star covered Rain for the 3 count at 8:10.
Valik Vs Wildcat ? 
As Awesome Arpin prepared to call the next match, Valik made his way to the ring, and took the mic to demand competition. It was explained to the fans that Wildcat missed a connecting flight to Cleveland, and would not be appearing. Arpin dismissed Valik as the winner of the match, but that was not good enough for the dark warrior, as he demanded a match.
Arpin complied and turned to get an opponent from the locker room. 20 seconds later Valik had an opponent, Mr. USA Awesome Arpin ! 
Valik put up a fight, but he bit off more than he could chew as Arpin dispatched him quickly, with power and fury.  Arpin pinned Valik after 4:48.
Ace Spalding Vs Jasmine 
The fans booed Ace into the ring,  but screamed thunderously when Jasmine hit the ring! Ace took off and ran around the ring with Jasmine in hot pursuit, Spalding slid into the ring and when Jasmine followed,  he kicked her in the head and on the back. When Ace had Jasmine down on the mat he worked on her back with kicks and elbows, and used his body weight as a battering ram.
Ace went to the well one time too many however, as Jasmine was able to lunge out of the way and watch as Ace landed soundly, knocking the wind out of the manager. Jasmine moved into position, and when Ace stood and turned he was caught with vicious spear. Jasmine proceeded to pound the life out of Ace, beating him into submission,  and a pinfall victory at the 6:29 mark !
MAIN EVENT !!!!!!!!  LUMBERJACK MATCH  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Magnum Vs Luscious Rocky Reynolds
As the stars of the NWA WV/OH surrounded the ring Rocky wasted no time trying to upend the current heavyweight champion and earn a shot at the prestigious WV/OH title. Rocky blasted Magnum with high impact blows until he was able take him off his feet and begin to work on his right leg. Magnum was near submission several times, but the champ was able to rebound and hand out a fair amount of punishment in the direction of the "luscious god". When Rocky realized that he was not going to win alone, he threw Magnum into the rule breaking lumberjacks all of which handed out a beating before being rescued by the opposing lumberjacks led by Awesome Arpin.
Magnum returned to the ring and managed to fend off Rock's repeated attempts at victory for a short time, but at the 10 minute mark Rock scaled the top rope to the corner, and delivered his swanton bomb to a near lifeless Magnum. Rocky covered the champ, and the ref. counted 1-2- and the unthinkable happened as Magnum Kicked out !
Rock's lumberjacks could no longer stand it, as they dove into the ring and began beating on a now defenseless Magnum, as on the opposite side of the ring Magnums lumberjacks charged the ring, and drove off the rulebreakers, save one. Ace Spalding.
Ace became the target of Arpin, Magnum, Viper and company as they crushed the manager in the corner until the other lumberjacks were able to pull him free.  After the mayhem cleared, the referee declared a double disqualification.

August 4, Fairmont, WV @ Middletown Mall

NWA WV/OH wrestling returned to Fairmont, WV on August 4th at the Middletown Mall.  In front of a standing room only crowd of about 500, Horace Hogan took on the mighty Mason Hunter, a transfer wrestler who also is a former MDW champion.  Hogan and Mason had a great match with Hogan putting Mason in a crossface chicken wing for a choke out.  After referee Shane McMichael called for a break from the choke, Horace refused and sent the ref to the floor for an immediate DQ.  Hogan still would not let go of the hold, so from the dressing room came Magnum to make the save.  He quickly got Hogan off Mason and was standing on the second rope administering a 10 punch to the head of Hogan.  Mason got to his feet, grabbed a chair, and laid out Magnum from behind. He looked at Hogan, and after the two hugged, proceeded to stomp a mud hole into a prone Magnum.  The locker room emptied and Hogan and Mason were beaten to the outside, as the NWA boys stood over their prone champion.  Hogan and Mason, NWO & MDW, the invasion has begun!  Watch your backs as the NWA will be coming to take care of it's own!
 Radioactive took a pinfall loss to the Wildcat from nearby Lost Creek, WV.
 Star and Rain fought a great high flying, action packed match, with star hitting a 454 for a pinfall finish.
Valik and manager Ace Spalding fought Awesome Arpin with the stipulation that Awesome beat Valik, he got 5 minutes with Ace.  Awesome finished off Valik with no problem at all.  The finish was a front suplex in which Awesome held Valik in the air, turned him around towards the crowd, and let the blood flow to the brain for a full 20 seconds. Then Ace got his turn and proceeded to put on catcher's gear.  Awesome had a rough time getting to him for all the padding, but eventually did.  Fearing for his life, Ace finally ran off to the locker room yelling for his mommy.
Rocky Reynolds fought Magnum for the NWA West Virginia/Ohio Heavyweight championship. This was a back and forth match as both men were equally matched.  As it seemed Magnum had the match won, Rocky's new valet, The Goddess, came into the ring, flirted a little with Magnum, rubbed him down and dropped to her knees.  Magnum was smiling, the crowd was cheering, and then she placed a well-aimed shot to the family jewels.  Rocky was DQ'd and Magnum retained the title.

Rain won a 10-man over the top battle royale.

August 3, Parkersburg, WV @ City Park Pavillion (T.V. Taping)

Match # 1:  Dos Natzy W/ Manager Ace Spalding vs. Daron Smythe. Winner: Daron Smythe
Match # 2:
  Star vs. NWA Rookie Valick. Winner: Star
Match # 3:  Nikita Allanov vs. Dash Bennett. Winner: Nikita Allanov
Richard Arpin got in the ring to break an illegal hold post match and took out Nikita.  Just then, Dos Natzy made his way back to the ring.  Arpin then said that he as well as everyone in the building new that it was Johnny Hard under the mask!  He pulled off the mask and sure enough, it was him.  Arpin then power bombed him once to the mat and then again on to a VCR.   After that, commissioner Powers told Hard that he was suspended for six months and had to pay a $1,000 fine.
Match #4:  Sebastian Dark vs. Mason Hunter. Winner: Mason Hunter
Match #5:  Evil Ninja w/ his bodyguard vs. J.W. Idol. Winner: Evil Ninja
Match #6:  Former NWA World Junior Heavyweight champion Rocky Reynolds w/ his manager The Amerikan Rawker vs. n.W.o. star Horace Hogan.  This match ended in a DQ when Magnum came out and attacked Horace.  Rocky then helped Horace by double-teaming Magnum.  After that, Horace help his hand for a "high five" in which Rocky had to jump to get the high five. Then the locker room emptied and the ring was filled with NWA superstars for a special battle royal. The last two participants were Star and Magnum. Star was the surprise winner.

June 23, Titusville, PA @ Christian Activity Center

Match #1 Rocky Reynolds def. Johnny Hard
Rocky Reynolds defeated Johnny Hard in a match where both participants received something for winning and losing, Hard lost via pinfall, and his reward was having to wrestle Doink the clown later in the show, Boy was he unhappy.
Match #2 Tyler James pinned Star
 One of the best matches of young Tyler James career, this match went back and forth with lots of pinfall chances for both fighters, Referee David powers took a accidental Super Kick and was out when Rocky Reynolds hit the ring and hit a senton on a prone Tyler James, Star revived the ref and went for the pin only to see James kick out at a 2 count. James then hit a huricaneranna off the top for the pin.
NWA West Virginia/Ohio owner Awesome Arpin then Decided to give Rocky his Reward for winning the first match, Arpin told him it was going to be a cash bonus, but since he keeps interfering in matches his reward was to have to wrestle HORACE HOGAN later in the night,
Match #3 Magnum pinned The Patriot 
Magnum scored a cheap pinfall with both feet on the ropes here, Blue Meanie came running from the back and explained what happened to the Patriot and the ref restarted the match, as Magnum argued with the ref, Patriot rolled him up and scored a pin for the victory.  Magnum then Issued a challenge to Meanie for later in the night; Wildcat, who was supposed to work Meanie, gave up his match on the condition he got the pay and not Magnum, so Magnum accepted and took the match.
Match #4 Doink pinned Johnny Hard
 A typical Doink match with plenty of water and surprises, and Doink getting a reverse rollup for the victory.
Match #5 Blue Meanie pinned Magnum
Magnum dominated most of this match with Meanie getting in some close pinfalls.  After hitting Meanie with an object, Magnum made Jasmine get into the ring to show her a real man, as he showed off his muscles, Jasmine rubbed his arms and dropped to her knees to check out his "leg muscles" and as Magnum smiled and played to the crowd she delivered a well placed shot to the family jewels, and Meanie rolled up Magnum for the pIn.
Match # 6 Horace Hogan pinned Rocky Reynolds
 This was a great Match that saw the smaller Reynolds use his speed and quickness to keep Hogan off balance.  Hogan did take home the victory though with a Death Valley driver,
Match #7 MAIN EVENT New Jack pinned T-Rantula
This match went all over the building, no one was safe and no piece of furniture unharmed as New Jack was put through a table and fed a slice of pizza from the concession area.  But New Jack in great form put T-Rantula down a flight of bleachers and stuck some staples in his head from the trusty staple gun to get the pinfall.
Owners note::  This was probably the best show of the year so far and the people went home wanting nothing and will talk for months.

June 22, Parkersburg WV @ City Park Pavilion (T.V. taping)
or pictures from this event, click here (opens a new window).  Thanks to Adam at Thug Designz!

Match #1 Star pinned Rain

Match #2 Al B. Damm pinned Mark Mattis

Match #3 Ace Spalding retained the hardcore title over Cole Cash and Wildcat via pinfall

Match #4 J.W. Idol def. Fredrick of Hollywood

Match #5 Tyler James and Johnny Hard went to a double DQ

Match #6 Rocky Reynolds def. Mason Hunter

Match #7 Horace Hogan def. NWA WV/OH champion Magnum in a non-title match

Match #8 New Jack def. Viper

-Credit to Josh H. for the results!

May 30, Weston WV @ the Weston Fair

Match #1 Cole Cash vs. Wildcat
Wildcat picked up the pinfall victory after reversing a backdrop attempt into a ddt.

Match #2 Becky Levi vs. Tubby Tanaka
The sumo champion from Japan was outsmarted by quick thinking female.

Match #3 JW Idol vs Viper (non-title)
In a hardcore match, Viper was upset by JW Idol, thanks to interference by Ace Spalding. After the match, Viper took out his aggressions on the plaid covered "Manager of Champions," beating him with his trademark "toothbrush."

Match #4 Rocky Reynolds vs Tyler James
Tyler James came away with this one following a well-placed super kick. During the match, Richard Arpin became sick of the constant interference by Ace Spalding, and came to the aid of The Urban Legend. Arpin took Rocky into a "porta-jon," and the Luscious God emerged again covered in blue liquid and scraps of toilet paper. 

Match #5 Rocky vs. Doink
As punishment for his actions, Rocky had to face off with Doink the Clown after intermission. Rocky walked away with the win after Doink was disqualified for throwing official Shane McMichaels out of the ring and over the top rope.

Match #6 Magnum vs. Severn
Magnum and Severn put on a classic wrestling display for the crowd. Near the end Severn had Magnum locked in his trademark Dragon Sleeper, Rocky Reynolds, J.W. Idol, and Ace Spalding came into the ring to make the save. They held Severn for Magnum to take advantage of, but Magnum instead took out Idol and Rocky!  Idol and Rocky then left the ring area disgusted while Magnum and Severn celebrated in the ring.

May 18 2001, St. Mary's WV @ The Marina

Match #1 Evil Ninja pinned Cole Cash
Cash apparently decided to part ways with his manager, Ace Spalding as he did battle with the masked man from Tokyo. Spalding made sure that Cash new he was at ringside by constantly interfering. The finish came when Ninja gave Cash a simple scoop slam near the ropes and went for the cover. Spalding reached into the ring and held down the feet of Cash so he couldn’t kick out! Spalding entered the ring to celebrate with Ninja, and as Ninja left, Spalding turned around and was greeted with a superkick by Cash!

Match #2 Awesome Arpin defeated Johnny Hard
After hitting the ring and running his mouth, Johnny Hard coaxed Arpin into an impromptu hardcore match. Arpin picked up the win after power bombing Hard onto a pile of “goodies,” and added insult to injury by allowing a little girl at ringside to get in the ring and make the cover for the three count.

Match #3 Magnum pinned Viper
The hardcore champ went toe to toe with Magnum, and they took each other to the limit. However it was Magnum who came up on top with his version of the Diamond Dust.

Match #4 J.W. Idol pinned Brian Fury
Idol was able to take out Fury after a seesaw battle with a tremendous power suplex.

Match #5 Doink pinned Johnny Hard
While Hard argued with rookie official Shane McMichaels, Doink was able to sneak up behind him and roll him up for a quick three count.

Match #6 Johnny Hard won a Battle Royal
As the match begun with all the wrestlers in the ring, manager Ace Spalding was on the outside cheering on the action. The officials, apparently sick of the plaid pants manager, ruled that Spalding had to participate in the match as well. While arguing, Magnum pulled in Spalding by the hair into the ring, over the top rope! The wrestlers then took turns beating on the loud mouth, getting somewhat of an amount of revenge for his constant interference in their matches! In the end, it came down to Doink and Johnny Hard, and Hard got his revenge on the clown by tossing out the fan favorite for the win.

May 12 2001, Parkersburg, WV @ City Park Pavillion (T.V. Taping)

Match #1 Wildcat pinned Cole Cash
Accompanied by Ace Spalding, the rookie Cole Cash continues to impress the NWA crowds, but just wasn’t able to stay on top of the veteran. Cash called for his plaid pants manager to hit Wildcat with his tennis racquet, but Wildcat ducked out of the way and Spalding struck Cash instead! Wildcat was then able to score a DDT on Cash for the three count.

Match #2 Rocky Reynolds pinned Blue Lightning
Lightning gave it his everything, but just seemed to be a step behind the former World Junior Weight champ. The Luscious God escaped to the outside, but was quickly followed by Lightning. Lightning was able to get a few punches in, before Reynolds got the advantage and took Lightning down to the concrete with a vertical suplex. Reynolds rolled lightning in and delivered a Swanton bomb for the easy three.

Match #3 NWA WV/OH Heavyweight Champion Mr. Attitude pinned Viper
It was the Hardcore champ getting a shot at the NWA West Virginia/Ohio Heavyweight champ, and the crowd loved every moment of it. Save for Attitude pulling referee Tony Wolfe in front of him to dodge a big splash from Viper. Attitude then grabbed his baseball bat and clocked Viper, busting him wipe open. Wolfe awoke just in time to catch the cover by Attitude, but miss the bat.

Match #4 J.W. Idol pinned David Young 
Formerly one half of the world tag team champs, Young was accompanied by the self proclaimed manager of champions, Ace Spalding. Young was not well received by the audience, and even threatened to leave if they didn’t show him some respect, which brought on cheers from the crowd. In an angry rage, Young tried to storm off, but Ace reminded him that if he left, he wouldn’t get paid. Young then took off in a dead sprint back to the ring, slid in, and right back out, taking a face first dive to the floor on the opposite side. Later in the match, Spalding distracted Tony Wolfe while Idol had an almost certain pinfall attempt. Idol got up, grabbed Wolfe and spun him around and berated him for not catching the cover. With Wolfe occupied, Ace tossed Young a pair of brass knuckles. Ace again distracted Wolfe as he returned to the match, and Young swung a big right hand at Idol. Idol somehow ducked, and booted Young in the midsection, and Young dropped the knucks. Idol picked them up, hit Young and made the cover for the three count. Idol then stuck the knucks in Young’s tights, where Tony Wolfe then saw them, and fined Young $500 for bringing a foreign object into the ring!

Match #5 Doink defeated Johnny Hard
Johnny Hard didn’t take too well to the antics that Doink put on before the match, playing with a giant squirt gun. Hard took it to Doink, but Doink was able to make the big comeback and get the win.

Match #6 NWA World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino vs. Magnum - No Contest
Magnum and the current NWA World Champion put on quite a show for the fans, and had each of them on their feet. Magnum seemingly had the match won after landing his version of the Diamond Dust, but didn’t think that was quite enough. He propped Corino in the corner, and went to finish off the champ with a Van-Terminator! Corino somehow was able to duck out of the way, which prompted Rocky Reynolds and Mr. Attitude to run out from the back and get involved. The duo took out Corino, and held him in place for Magnum to get in a few free shots, but Magnum instead went after Mr. Attitude! Corino and Magnum fought off the duo and sent them back to the locker room to end the show.

May 11 2001, Fairmont, WV @ Middletown Mall

Match #1 Wildcat pinned Cole Cash
The rookie Cash surprised the wily veteran early with surprising speed and strength.  Wildcat eventually turned the tide with chops that slowed the larger Cash down enough to fall victim to a DDT.

Match #2 Viper pinned Mason Hunter
The reigning hardcore champion was out of his element due to a stipulation that prohibited a hardcore match since the title wasn't on the line.  Hunter stunned Viper with his repertoire of high-impact maneuvers that took Viper to the edge.  Hunter's manager Ace Spalding helped work over Viper's arm by draping it over the top rope and pulling it down with all of his body weight.  The match was seemingly won when Mason landed his patented version of the Death Valley driver.  Viper rallied the fans behind him to score a comeback upset Hunter with a reverse fireman's carry slam.

Match #3 David Young pinned J.W. Idol
Young, a member of the nationally ranked tag team Bad Attitude and former co-holder of the NWA World tag team title, berated the Fairmont audience before the match began and vowed that once he finished his easy match and headed back to Atlanta, he would never return again.  Idol took the mic and advised Young to remember that this was "Mountaineer country" and that he was in for a not-so-easy butt kicking.  Idol confounded Young quickly and maintained control of the match for the majority of the time.  David missed a diving headbutt, and the victory seemed to be Idol's.  Young, however, would not be robbed and took Idol out with a set of brass knuckles for the win.

Match #4 Doink pinned Johnny Hard
Hard also took time to berate the crowd, but Doink soon made the crowd forget what an a** Hard was by teasing him and referee Tony Wolfe with his Super Soaker gun.  Hard stalled many times by jumping out of the ring, but Doink went on the offensive once he finally readied himself for action.  Hard turned the tide early and tried choking out the clown repeatedly.  Doink took advantage of a miscue by Hard and reversed a sunset flip for the 1-2-3.  Afterwards, a furious Johnny Hard threw chairs into the ring and demanded five more minutes under hardcore rules.  Doink said that even though he really didn't want to go that route, there was someone behind him who did.  Hard turned to find a waiting Awesome Arpin who powerbombed him through two steel chairs and onto a ball of barbed wire, challenging him to a future hardcore match.

Match #5 Virgil vs. Magnum went to a double count out
Virgil warmed up the crowd with a rendition of the old "Too sweet" n.W.o. entrance.  Magnum and Virgil went toe-to-toe, but they wound up outside the ring and both ignored the referee's ten count thus ending the match.

Match #6 Steve Corino pinned Rocky Reynolds to retain the NWA World Heavyweight title
The start of the match was delayed 10 minutes after former NWA World Junior Heavyweight champion Rocky Reynolds went on such a tirade towards the fans that he broke the second rope on the ring.  The ring crew was unable to repair the rope, so the bottom rope was pulled up to the second level and the match was ready to start.  Corino jokingly pulled at the missing bottom rope before the match started to help stretch out.  Reynolds was no match early on as Corino showed why he is the reigning world champion.  Corino tried to break off Reynolds arm with a series of twists, armbars, leg drops, knees, and other maneuvers.  Corino hit a superkick midway through the match to stun Reynolds, but manager Ace Spalding jumped onto the apron to distract the champion.  Steve blasted both Spalding and Reynolds with twenty punches from the ring post, then took Spalding's sport coat and jokingly wore it around the ring acting as goofy as the manager. 

Reynolds recovered to battle back strong, putting the champion in a predicament and a half.  However, Corino cornered Reynolds with a series of Flair-like chops and followed up with a Ric Flair strut, only to be leveled by a clothesline by Rocky.  The two went back in forth for a while longer with their complete arsenals.  Rocky appeared to have the match sealed when he hit a magnificent swanton bomb on the champion, but Corino somehow kicked out at the 2-1/2 count.  A groggy champion went for the old school expulsion, but Reynolds slipped from his grasp.  A quick recovery and Corino caught the former junior heavyweight champion in his finisher for the 1-2-3, much to the delight of the standing room only crowd.

May 4 2001, Murray City, Ohio @ the Teen Center

Match #1 Viper pinned Tommy Boy Mulligan
Tommy Boy put up a great fight for Viper, but just wasn’t able to keep the Hardcore champ down. Viper defeated Tommy Boy Mulligan via pinfall with the Venom Injector.

Match #2 Tyler James pinned Dr. Doom
Tyler James defeated Dr. Doom via pinfall in a technical masterpiece. Tyler got the win after Doom let his guard down, and got rolled up for the three count.

Match #3 Awesome Arpin def. Johnny Hard via DQ
Awesome Arpin defeated Johnny Hard via Disqualification after interference from Johnny Hard’s new manager, Ace Spalding and Cole Cash. J.W. Idol made the save for Arpin, and chased off the trio.

Match #4 J. W. Idol vs. Titan NO CONTEST
No contest, after run in from Cole Cash, Johnny Hard and Ace Spalding, apparently taking some revenge for Idol getting involved earlier. Awesome Arpin made the save for Idol, and challenged the new team of Hard and Cash to a tag team match later that night, which was quickly accepted.

Match #5 Magnum def. Doink the Clown
Magnum defeated Doink the Clown via pinfall after Magnum used a pair of brass knuckles behind referee Tony Wolfe’s back.

Match #6  Awesome Arpin & J.W. Idol def. Cole Cash & Johnny Hard
Awesome Arpin and J.W. Idol defeated Cash and Hard, after Johnny Hard held Arpin for a Tennis Racquet shot, Arpin ducked out of the way and Spalding clocked Hard by mistake! 

May 5 2001, Pennsboro, West Virginia @ Pennsboro High School

Match #1 Ninja pinned Tommy Boy Mulligan
Ninja, along with his new manager, Ace Spalding, defeated Tommy Boy Mulligan via pinfall. The fans in attendance will be quick to tell you that Ninja would not have picked up the victory, had it not been for a fireball, while Spalding distracted referee Tony Wolfe.

Match #2 Dr. Doom def. The Garbageman & Awesome Arpin
What was supposed to be a one on one match between Dr. Doom and The Garbageman, turned into a triple threat match after Doom and the Garbageman taunted Arpin, causing him to hit the ring. In a see-saw battle, Dr. Doom was able to get the pinfall on Arpin and The Garbageman. Many fans believe that Dr. Doom didn’t quite earn his win, but referee Tony Wolfe can’t prove otherwise.

Match #3 J.W. Idol def. Johnny Hard via DQ
Ace Spalding accompanied Johnny Hard to the ring, and made sure Tony Wolfe knew he was there. Spalding refused to stay off the ring apron, and even got in the ring after being chased by Idol. Eventually, Wolfe and Spalding exchanged words and got into a shoving match, and Wolfe knocked Spalding off the ring apron and almost into the crowd! It seemed that Idol had the match won when he locked Hard in a figure-four leglock, but Spalding got on the apron again, and Idol had enough. He took Spalding by the tie, and broke the figure four, but Johnny Hard took Spalding’s tennis racquet and clocked Idol with it. Spalding then called out for another one of his protégés, Cole Cash, and the trio did a number on Idol, until Arpin made the save with a steel chair. Spalding didn’t manage to escape unharmed; he felt the wrath of Arpin, which ended with a stinkface on the plaid-pants manager!

Match #4 Titan pinned Magnum
In a technical battle for the ages, the crowd was “Oohed” and “Awed” by Magnum and Titan. But Magnum proved to be too much for Titian, and picked up the pinfall victory using his version of the Diamond Dust!

Match #5 Viper pinned Jimmy Rambo to retain the NWA WV/OH Hardcore Title
In a special treat, Viper defended his Hardcore title in a barbwire match! Things got ugly as the two men battled for the strap, and even brought a child’s car seat into the match! Referee Tony Wolfe wouldn’t even get into the ring, and called it from the outside, but no one can blame him. After the dust cleared, is was Viper who retained the title by using his Venom Injector onto a steel chair to finish the evening.

The First Ever Television Taping for NWA WV/OH - Saturday, March 10, 2001 at City Park Pavilion, Parkersburg, WV.

After welcoming the crowd and announcing the card, commissioner David Powers gave manger "Big 80's" Donnie B. the microphone per the infamous 'Sonny Crockett look-alike's' request. Donnie B. proceeded to admonish the crowd for the lack of respect they had shown him, as well as run down Parkersburg and all it's residents.

Match #1 Bobby Inbred def. Blue Lightning
Two of the federation's top junior heavyweights did not disappoint the crowd with their wild airborne tactics.  Although Blue Lightning was able to overpower the smaller Bobby Inbred at times, the wild man would not be stopped. After breaking several near-falls...sometimes by a mere inch...Inbred finally caught a mistake by Blue Lightning that allowed him to score a clean pin.

Match #2 Magnum def. Mr. Attitude
This match started as a brawlers delight, with Mr. Attitude absolutely dominating Magnum. Magnum stepped up his game though, and hit a couple of top-rope maneuvers that slowed down the might Mr. Attitude, including an incredible flying spinning-heel kick. Attitude mounted a comeback of his own, an reversed an attempted frankensteiner into a powerbomb. Magnum escaped the pin, and managed to set up Attitude with a Michinoku driver for a variation of the Van-terminator...nailing his opponent in the "attitudes"... OUCH!! Magnum got the pin, and reports have it that Mr. Attitude is still singing soprano somewhere.

Match #3 Wildcat def. Viper and J.W. Idol in a 3-Way Dance
All three men had their share of supporters in the crowd for this one. Idol played a the Billy Martin role and attempted to take turns teaming with one of his opponents against the other. However, Wildcat and Viper were privy to Idol's scheme and took their shots on him as well. All three men took their share of a beating, but it was Wildcat who was able to capitalize when Idol and Viper clotheslined each other to their backs. The cagey veteran covered both men for the pin.

Match #4 Awesome Arpin def. Johnny Hard in a hardcore rules match
This was not a match for the faint-hearted. Arpin, who has slimmed down over 100 lbs. since his the last time he stepped in the ring last year, had a serious bone to pick with Johnny Hard. Although the two will be settling their issues soon on "The People's Court", Hard and Arpin were more than ready to blow off steam with all the weapons available at their disposal.   Johnny Hard bought his own trash can of plunder, only to have the majority of it used against him. Arpin was able to take charge of the match early and keep control after Hard attempted to lift Arpin for a slam. "Mr. USA" cracked a crutch across Hard's back and used a VCR on his foe for good measure. Hard fought back with a baseball bat, only to wind up thrown outside of the ring.   While Arpin tried to set up some of the items for use on his opponent, Johnny pulled out a sheet of plywood covered with barbed wire and slid into the ring with it. Arpin caught Hard and pounded him some more with the bat. He then laid the plywood across a steel chair and a trash can. After pulling Johnny to his feet, he slammed his former friend through the plywood and wire, ripping up the back of Johnny Hard. Arpin immediately covered for the 1-2-3. As a result of a stipulation to the match, Johnny Hard will have to have his head shaved at the next television taping.

Match #5 Nova def. Angel
The ECW stars came to play! Nova hit the ring first, electrifying the crowd on hand. Next, Angel and his manager Ice Pick made their way to the ring. Ice Pick grabbed the mic from David Powers and slammed the crowd for being unappreciative, disrespectful, and even racist. Nova stole the mic back and pretty much trashed Ice and Angel to the delight of the crowd. Angel quickly jumped Nova's back and pounded away on the fan fave.  Referee Tony Wolfe was forced several times to order the Baldies member to back off as well as keep the manager in check. Nova was able to turn the tide and take out Ice Pick and then use a DDT to score the pin on Angel. Afterwards, Angel confronted Wolfe about his officiating. Angel offered a handshake in respect, which he quickly snapped into a wicked DDT of his own. He left the ring after berating the ref.

Match #6 "Luscious" Rocky Reynolds def. "Urban Legend" Tyler James in a ladder match for the vacant NWA WV/OH Heavyweight Championship
What a battle! This was one that had to be seen to be believed. Reynolds (with manager Donnie B.) opened up with a flurry of punches and kicks to wear down James. Using several tough suplexes, Reynolds tried to go after the ladder early on, but James stopped him with a dropkick off the top rope.   The Urban Legend went after the ladder himself, but Donnie B. tried to trip up the young fireball. After a few minutes and a brief scuffle with the manager, David Powers ordered "Big 80s" out of the arena. Once the action resumed, it became a fair fight. James used his aerial arsenal to take control of the action. Reynolds rallied back, and the two used the ladder to their advantage.  At one point, James had to fly across the ring to drop kick the "Luscious God" off the ladder. Reynolds himself had to take the opportunity to knock James off the ladder by using a smaller step ladder to send Tyler flying off the ladder and bouncing off the ropes. James found the side of his head bloodied from the fall with a laceration behind his ear. Reynolds scored a swanton bomb on his fallen foe, then threw him out of the ring.   As James crawled back in, the mascot of a local pizza chain interjected himself and pounded on his back. Soon afterwards, Reynolds again managed to toss James out. Rocky positioned the ladder under the belt and began scurrying his way to the top.   As he did, James tried to return to the ring. Once again, the mascot grabbed hold and prevented Tyler from getting in the ring as Reynolds took the belt and the championship.  After crawling into the ring, the mascot revealed himself to be none other than Donnie B.! As the two celebrated, James cleaned house on both of them. But it was too little, too late, as "Luscious" Rocky Reynolds becomes the NEW NWA WV/OH Heavyweight Champion!

NWA WV/OH Results from 2000

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