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DECEMBER 21, 2002

NWA Tristate filled the Parkersburg, WV City Park Pavilion for another night of action and boy did they get their moneys worth!

In the opening contest, Twisted Youth and DJ Skittles defeated Team Hot Stuff after DJ hit Pyro with his "Taste the Rainbow" finishing move.

After that, Shawn Parks and Chance Prophet got on the mic explaining their newfound partnership and how they will do whatever it takes to get their hands on the title.

The next matchup saw Double Dragon successfully defend the Tristate TV Title over newcomer Shigan after he hit a dangerous looking Reverse Frankensteiner off the top rope.

Carlton Kaz defeated Ian Killjoy in the next contest. This was a back and forth match that saw Killjoy continually work on Kaz's leg. But in the end, Carlton hit his finisher the CRT-ALT-DELETE (Hellfire Powerbomb) to finish off Killjoy.

Next up was a 3 way dance between Al B. Damm, Chris Draven, and Eric Darkstorm. The spectators watched and cheered on as they saw these three competitors give everything they had and put on a match full of some of the best technical and high flying moves they could see anywhere. Unfortunatly this spectacular match was interrupted at the 10:00 mark by the team of Max Power and Dorian Deville.

Max and Dorian then began to pummel Damm, Draven, and Darkstorm. It seemed like no one could stop these two monsters until Parks and Prophet ran down to the ring. To everyone's surprise, they started putting the boots to the 3 fallen wrestlers as well and it looked like the four of them had formed some kind of alliance.

While Referees helped Damm, Draven, and Darkstorm to the back, NWA President got on the mic and explained to Deville and Power that they weren't going to run amuck in NWA Tristate. He also said he was going to deliver on the promise he made a week earlier; That being a 'surprise' tag team to face Power and Deville. The entry way door then opened, Power and Deville looked on but all could see no one was coming out. That is until the two monsters were attacked from behind by Parks and Prophet.

This turned into an immediate impromtu match as Arpin rang the bell and ordered Referee Bruce Gray to jump in and officiate the contest.

This tag match turned into a knock down drag out war as these 4 men beat each other into oblivion. Prophet then hit a top rope legdrope on Power and it seemed to be over then. That is until Deville pulled Gray out as his hand was coming down for the 3 count. Deville then knocked out Gray and proceeded to grab the ring bell and use it to knock out Prophet. Deville then threw Gray back in and Prophet got the shoulder up at 2.9999 to keep hope alive for him and Parks. Power threw Gray out again and he hit his finisher and covered Prophet this time as Gray crawled in to make the 3 count.

The next match saw Fabulous Frederick take on a pig! Well, ok not really but just as Frederick was about to lock up with Romeo Godwin's pet pig, Porkchop, when Romeo jumped Frederick from behind. This match up had the crowd solidly behind Godwin and absolutely hating Frederick (as usual). At one point in this match, Godwin gave Frederick an atomic drop, an eye poke, put Porkchops stuffed butt in Frederick's face, all caused Frederick to retreat to Bruce Gray's crotch. The finish came when Frederick low blowed Romeo, DDT'd him, and hit him with his patented Corkscrew Elbow for the pinfall.

The Main Event of the Evening saw Trik Nasty take on Rocky Reynolds. This match was everything it was hyped to be as they tore eachother apart from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. In the end, it was Rocky Reynolds coming out on top with his Swanton Bomb finisher.

Rounding up the nights events was a Batte Royal with all the Tristate stars competing for victory in this over the top rope elimination match. But it was Ace Spalding emerging victorious in the end. Only this Ace had long curley hair it seemed, because as soon as the bell rang, Ace unmasked to reveal to be none other than Lexis Wine!

November 16, 2002
Parkersburg, WV
City Park Pavillion

The National Wrestling Alliance Tri-State promotion kept the crowd on their feet all night, with a total non-stop action packed card! The great fans of the NWA Tri-State shook the building and screamed for more, and promoter Richard Arpin delivered!! New comers and veterans, new faces and and old rivals great technical wrestling, rulebreaking, a barbed wire bat, and a new number one contender, mean only one thing... The NWA is back in town.

-Wrecking Ball Vs Double Dragon

Dragon outsmarted the powerhouse that is Wrecking Ball with speed and skill, at the 5:14 mark for the pinfall victory.

-Ian Kill Joy Vs Chris Draven

Draven caught Ian with an incredible sit down powerbomb as Kill Joy came off the top rope. Pinfall victory after 4:55 of great action.

-Twisted Youth Vs Kid Inferno

This never ending battle turned another page when Inferno caught Youth with a modified stroke for the three count at 3:49.

-Team Hotstuff Vs Brian Gilbert & DJ Skittles

The fans always love to watch their favorite and most colorful hero, Skittles, bust a move in the ring and out. Team Hotstuff fought well, but the great skills shown by Gilbert, and the fancy footwork of skittles left them on the losers end of the match at 6:19.

-Johnny Hard Vs JD Escalade

Returning veteran Hard showed Escalade that his years in the ring have made him the stuff of legend, (in Hards own mind that is). Johnny dished out some brutal punishment and took the victory at the 3:40 mark.

-Eric Darkstorm and JV Insanity Vs Gemini

A wild tag team encounter that saw the wiley twins use some old tricks, and some new ones, to upend the veterans Darkstorm and Insanity. The twins are reported to have made a last minute switch to secure the victory, and an advance in the tag team division. Gemini with the small package after 7:18.

-Al- B- Dam Vs Karlton Kaz Vs Shigroth

This three way dance started off with Kaz and Shigroth beating Al B into near submission, and then taking the fight to each other. After nearly beating the life out of each other all three men were near exhaustion , Kaz took the upperhand to score the victory at the 7:00 mark.

-Juggulator Vs Romeo Godwin w/ Daisy

The hillbilly was back home along with his sisters, cousins, daughters, little niece, Daisy in his corner. The two big men tore into each other with a viciousness that is reserved for bitter enemies and at one point even Daisy got into the fray giving Juggulator the what fo. But, in the end it was Romeo with a tremendous elbow off the top turnbuckle for the three count victory.

-Main event # 1 contenders match for the NWA Tri-State Heavyweight title.

Vile w/ The Mastermind Vs The All-American Shawn Parks

Vile took off after Parks right at the bell, and was relentless in his attack, and his attempt to become the number one contender for the heavyweight title. Parks fought back and was all heart as he used his technical expertise to overcome the brute force of Vile. The Mastermind made his intentions obvious several times throughout the match as he tried to trip up Shawn and get the victory for his man. The All-American rallied at the 7:42 mark to get the pinfall victory and become the number one contender for the NWA Tri-State Heavyweight title.

Ring report by Gerald Armstrong.

August 18, 2002
Fairmont, WV
Middletown Mall
'Brawl at the Mall 4'

A capacity crowd--many new to NWA Tri-State--turned out this night to witness a showcase of some of the up and coming young guns.

Before the card got underway, Team Hot Stuff (Pyro & Kid Inferno) made their way to the ring.  Pyro proceeded to run down the Fairmont crowd, calling them all "cow lickers".  Promoter Richard Arpin told Pyro since he was so big on cows, he would have to wear a cow costume in the battle royal at the end of the night if his team lost their match.  Pyro argued, but the match was made.

Match #1: Team Hot Stuff vs. DJ Skittles and Cole Cash

Cash and Skittles were clearly enjoying the support of the fans throughout the match.  However, their teamwork was nowhere near the caliber of Team Hot Stuff.  Though they were caught off guard by the surprising speed of Skittles and Cash, Pyro and Kid Inferno were able to use their aerial arsenal to the fullest on both men.

Midway through the match however, Kid Inferno could not stop laughing at the thought of Pyro in a cow outfit.  He whispered something to Cash, who pushed him down with one finger while referee Bruce Gray made a fast 1-2-3.  Pyro was furious, but Inferno admitted he lied down simply because he had to see Pyro in the outfit.

Match #2 Ace Spalding vs. Shawn Parks for the TV title

Spalding, himself a former manager, was accompanied to the ring by his new advisor, Hugh Jarse.  Spalding surprised Parks  with his skills, but the 'All-American' countered every hold Ace could come up with.  Jarse intervened late in the match to help his charge get the win by holding Parks' feet during a pin.

But the shocker came next.  As Spalding was celebrating regaining his beloved TV championship, Jarse leveled him with a stiff clothesline and covered Spalding for the 1-2-3 to win the title (under the 24/7 defense rules).  Hugh hauled Jarse for the locker room while Spalding couldn't believe he was robbed again.

Match #3 Trick Nasty (w/Erin) vs. Carlton Kaz

Kaz clearly took his opponent too lightly from the get-go of this match.  Carlton seemingly had to stop every single time he made a good move on Nasty to celebrate.  Unfortunately, that plan backfired as Trick threw the cocky Kaz around the ring and then some.  

Late in the match, Carlton managed to stop Trick Nasty with a low blow, but not before the referee was accidentally knocked out.  Miss Erin tried to get in the ring to help the ref recover, but Kaz decided he'd make an example out of her.  That plan also backfired, as Erin nailed Kaz with a bulldog that allowed Trick to cover for the 1-2-3.

Match #4 Eric Darkstorm vs. Valik

The crowd seemed to enjoy giving Darkstorm a hard time, but the young man put up an incredible display of aerial maneuvers that kept the 'Dark Warrior' on his toes.  Valik's brute power and skill came into play though, when he seemingly finished off Eric with a chokeslam.  But Darkstorm somehow kicked out and nailed the 450 splash.  As the ref got ready to count the pin, Kaz Carlton and Ace Spalding hit the ring and the three of them trounced on Darkstorm.  Eric Darkstorm was the winner by DQ.

After a brief intermission, Ace Spalding pulled Hugh Jarse back to the ring and beat him down to reclaim the television championship.  As he celebrated, Shawn Parks returned and took the liberty of removing the title from Spalding's possession one more time as he pinned him.

Match #5 Chance Prophet vs. Magnum (champion) for the NWA Tri-State Heavyweight title

The crowd did not know what to make of the mysterious Chance Prophet, but he quickly won them over when Magnum let his frustration show midway through the match.  When the referee was knocked out, the champion threw a powdery substance into the eyes of Prophet and hit his Diamond Dust finisher.  When the referee failed to make the count, Magnum went to wake him up.  This allowed Prophet to slam Magnum to the mat with a big choke slam and take the heavyweight championship.  An elated and surprised looking crowd went wild over the win and booed the former champ when he attacked the referee after the match.  Prophet returned to the ring and knocked the former champ out onto the concrete floor.

Battle Royal

Radio station WRLF put up $1,000 to the winner of the battle royal.  Pyro had to be dragged by half of the locker room to the ring.  In a shocker, Hugh Jarse bought a monster called The Guarantee to the ring (as in, "I have a guarantee to win the battle royal.")  Several wrestlers charged the behemoth, but he easily flung them to the outside of the ring.  All of the remaining stars charged Guarantee and dumped him and Jarse out of the ring.  In the end, the last man standing was Valik, who was declared the winner.

July 20, 2002
Parkersburg, WV
City Park Pavilion

Adam Nedeff brought the crowd to their feet at the start of the card as he introduced Becky Payne to sing the Star Spangled Banner. The patriotic crowd responded with a thunderous ovation..

Match # 1:  Ace Spalding TV Champ vs. Eric Darkstorm

Ace was his usual self during this in ring defense of the NWA Tri-State Television Championship.  Eric Darkstorm found himself on the receiving end of choking, kicking, and eye gouging by the champ, as Ace tried everything to keep possession of “his” title. During the course of the match Ace was all over Referee Shane McMichaels, pushing him, yelling at him, and abusing him in general.  Darkstorm was not to be denied this night however, as he fought back with great technical skill, and his own fair amount of rulebreaking.  After 9:45 Darkstorm caught Ace with a devastating 450 splash off the top rope to become the new NWA Tri-State Television Champion!

Without warning, Pyro hit the ring with his own ref, caught the weakened Darkstorm with a violent schoolboy-headsmack  and rolled him up for the 3 count to become the new NWA Tri-State Television Champion!

At this point the ring announcer reminded the fans that the NWA Tri-State Television Championship is now on the 24/7 rule, and can be captured by anyone, at anytime as long as they have a licensed NWA referee with them.

Pyro granted ring announcer Nedeff an interview, as the new champ proclaimed himself the greatest of all time, and announced that he would hold the title forever!  At this point Chris Vega charged the ring with a ref close behind, caught Pyro with a reverse kneckbreaker and floated over for the pinfall victory, to become the new NWA Tri-State Television Champion!

Match #2: X connection vs. Looks To Thrill

This match saw 2 new tag teams arrive on the NWA Tri- State scene, to make their presence known as contenders for the vacant Tag Team Championship. Both teams put forth a tremendous effort trading fast moves, fast tags, rights and lefts in an all out battle. Shane Storm and Mr. X broke every rule in the book, as they dished out punishment to the team of  Kris King and Steve Black. After tremendous action and a see-saw battle, Mr. X caught Steve Black outside with a suicide dive that allowed Shane Storm to pin Kris King, with a handful of tights at the 10:35 mark.

Match # 3:  Cole Cash vs. Kid Inferno vs. Valik

This match started off with Inferno meeting the challenge of Cole Cash, but after 5 minutes of action, “The Dark Warrior” Valik, charged the ring, destroyed Cole Cash with a missile dropkick, that forced the ref to disqualify Inferno, and give the victory to Cole Cash.  The Dark Warrior tore into Inferno, but the young lion gave back as well as he received. Cash made his way back into the ring, and the battle raged on!  After 8 minutes of action, Valik caught both men with a double Blockbuster, and a double Gothic-Drop,  for a double pin that left Inferno with a knee injury, and Valik with the victory.  Inferno required help from the ring, and additional medical attention.

#4: Chris Vega the NEW NWA Tri-State Television Champion  vs. Shawn Parks

Chris Vega instantly challenged the entire locker room to fight him for the Television Championship as the crowd waited, tension built, when suddenly “The All-American” Shawn Parks strode confidently to the ring.  The ref rang the bell, and the match was under way. Vega started his title reign trying to walk all over “The All-American”, by using punches and heel kicks to disable his opponent. Vega unleashed a volley of punishment on Parks, but Shawn fought back, and after handing out his payback, caught Vega in the All-American Slam for the three count and to become the new NWA Tri-State Television Champion!

At this point Lexus Wine was called to the ring for a much waited for interview. As Lexus prepared to address the crowd, the voice of Carlton Kaz rang out as he made his way to the ring with his tag team partner, Panther,  in tow. The situation went from bad to worse as Kaz and Panther went for the attack on Lexus, but the fans rose to their feet and cheered as “Luscious” Rocky Reynolds made his way to the ring, and by the side of Lexus. After trading a few choice insults, Kaz and Panther accepted a tag team challenge and soon found themselves on the offensive as Rocky and Lexus treated their opponents to a great technical wrestling match. Kaz and Panther soon resorted to shortcuts, and after pummeling Rocky and Lexus thought they had the victory wrapped up, but the vicious streak that powers the Luscious god proved to be more than the rulebreakers could take. At the 12 minute mark, Lexus caught Kaz in the Lexicurrani, and once he was prone on the mat found himself on the receiving end of the patented “Swanton bomb” and a cover by Rocky Reynolds.

(Editors note: During the course of the match, in the heat of battle, Lexus missed a step, and landed with a tremendous impact in a “spike” position head first on the mat. To her credit, Lexus was able to continue the match on sheer guts. Lexus refused medical attention by the NWA staff, but will seek out her personal physician)

Match # 6: Magnum (NWA Tri-State Heavyweight Champion) vs. Chance Profit

Chance got the attention of the Championship Committee, and was given a shot at Magnum's unified title.  There was a fierce determination to Profit as he brought a veritable cache of weapons to the ring to use against Magnum, in the hopes of dethroning the champ.  Magnum fought back in his best way,  using fast moves, and high impact blows to wear down Chance. As the match raged on, each man tried to get the other in a pinning predicament, or submission move that would seal the victory, but it was Magnum with his “Diamond Dust” high impact blow in the corner that allowed him to secure the win, and remain the  NWA Tri-State Unified

Submitted by Gerald Armstrong

July 4, 2002
Parkersburg, WV
City Park

NWA Tri-State held a free all-day card to help it's hometown celebrate Independence Day.  Here's a rundown of what happened:


Sugar Shane Storm def. Steve Black

Pyro pinned The Panther

Kid Inferno def. Cole Cash for a TV Title shot

All-American Shawn Parks def. Mr. X

J.W. Idol def. Chris Vega with the Idolizer

Erik Darkstorm VS Chance Prophet VS Magnum went to a no contest


Ace Spalding def. Kid Inferno to retain the TV title
After the match J.W. Idol ran in and pinned Ace to become the champ.  Ace challenged him to a rematch later on in the night

Panther def. Pyro in a rematch from the day show after referee Tony Wolfe was knocked out

Erik Darkstorm def. Chris Vega

J.W. Idol def. Ace Spalding to retain the TV Title

Chance Prophet VS All-American Shawn Parks  in a number 1 contender's match for the heavyweight title went to a no contest

In the battle royal Erik Darkstorm pinned J.W. Idol to win the TV title.  Then Ace Spalding pinned Darkstorm to win the TV title again.  In the end the shocker was Richard Arpin was a last second entry in the royal to win the July 4 Thursday Thunder Battle Royal

June 14, 2002
Elizabeth, WV
Wirt County Middle School

It was another big NWA Tri-State show in Elizabeth, WV to raise money for the relay for life. 

At the beginning Promoter Richard Arpin announced that from this day forth the TV title now have a 24/7 rule, which means at anytime if someone has a referee with them they can try to get a pin on the champ.

TV Title Match -  Ace Spalding (champ) vs. Lexis Wine
In the first match of the night newcomer Lexis Wine took on TV champ Ace Spalding for the title.  The young up and comer Wine gave Spalding a run for his money, but the veteran Spalding was trying everything to keep his title; but in the end Lexis Wine won her first ever title after just two months of being in the ring. From out of nowhere Kid Inferno came in with referee Tony Wolfe to roll up Lexis for the 1-2-3 and became the new champ.

J.W. Idol vs. Shawn Parks
In the next match J.W. Idol faced All American Shawn Parks in the battle of the big men.  Both men showed why the are a part of the NWA...working their butts off.  Just when Parks thought he had the win, J.W reversed a whip out of the corner back into referee Bruce Grey.  While the referee was down, J.W. pulled a pair of brass knucks out of his pants and threw them to Parks.  Idol fell down as Grey got up, and all he saw was Parks with the knucks and disqualified him.  But senior referee Tony Wolfe came in and told Grey that Idol had the knucks and tossed them to Parks and fell down.  The decision was reversed.  The winner was Shawn Parks.

TV Title Match - Pyro (champ) vs. Kid Inferno
Before the next match Pyro came to the ring and wanted the mic.  He wanted to challenge his partner who was now the TV champ.  Kid Inferno came out to the ring and agreed to take on his tag team partner. It was a great back and fourth match and Inferno went for his finisher.  He managed a two-count when Pyro kicked out. Inferno got in the face of Tony Wolfe saying that was a three-count.  Pyro grabbed him for a whip off the ropes and Wolfe knocked Pyro over and hit Inferno with the big boot.  Wolfe looked down at Burce Grey to get in the ring.  Wolfe went down and got the 1-2-3 on Kid Inferno to become the TV champ.  As he was showing the fans that he was the champ, Ace Spalding came in and hit Wolfe in the back with a chair and rolled him up to get the TV title back.  When Tony Wolfe got up, Spalding was still there gloating about getting his belt back.  Wolfe said, "Now I am not a ref!  I want you!".  Wolfe took his stripes off to challenge Spalding but Ace ran off.

Chance Profit vs. Shawn Parks
Chance Profit came to the ring and made a open challenge to the locker room and Shawn Parks took him up on it.  It was a wild back and fourth match.  At one point, J.W. Idol came out and told Tony Wolfe there was a fight in the locker room for the TV title.  Wolfe took off.  Idol came in and laid out Parks.  Profit hit his leg drop from the top rope for the pin.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight title match - Rocky Reynolds (champ) vs. Magnum
In the second title match of the night, world junior heavyweight champ Rocky Reynolds took on NWA Tri-State champ Magnum for the world junior heavyweight belt.  It was a great back and forth match.  Both men hit their big finishing moves.  But in the end, Rocky used his swanton bomb from Hades for the 1-2-3 and retains the world junior heavyweight belt.

In a wild battle royal where even the referee's got into it, Chance Profit was the soul survivor. 

May 17, 2002
Wellston, OH
Wellston High School

Ace Spalding and Cole Cash VS. Valik and Mr. Attitude
 Spalding and Cash win with a belt shot to Mr. attitude when ref was down.

 Fabulous Fredrick VS. All-American Shawn Parks
Fredrick won with outside help from his partner, Punchy McGee, when the ref's back was tuned.  The save was made by team Hot Stuff

Tank Runion VS Trick Nasty
Nasty got the win reversing a powerbomb into a X-Factor.

Alternative Lifestyle (Fredrick and McGee) VS. Team Hotstuff (Kid Inferno and Pyro)
Kid Inferno missed frog splash and Punchy McGee got the pin.

J Rocc  VS. Big Vito
Vito wins with his impaler DDT

3-Way Dance: Ariel VS. Josh Probhition VS. M Dog 20
M Dog 20 wins with a double 450 splash in a fast-paced match.

NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Title match
Chris Hamrick VS. Rocky Reynolds

Rocky wins with his swanton bomb, and showed why he is still the World Jr. Heavyweight  Champion

NWA Tri State Title match
Magnum VS. the Champ Mason Hunter

In a great match Magnum (in his home town) wins the Tri-State title again.

To end the night, there was a 20-man over-the-top Battle Royal.  The sole survivor and winner was Wildcat.

May 4, 2002
Parkersburg, WV
City Park Pavilion

A capacity crowd was greeted with a ceremony that featured the first ever inductee into the NWA TRI-STATE Hall Of Fame.

Senior Referee Tony Wolfe called Promoter / Owner Richard Arpin to the ring, along with his wife Michelle, daughter Kimberly, and son Christopher. Next, all of the wrestlers and referees of NWA Tri-State surrounded the ring as Tony Wolfe read the plaque, and formally inducted “Awesome” Richard Arpin as the first ever inductee into the NWA TRI-STATE HALL OF FAME to the thunderous applause of the capacity crowd.

Garbageman & Evil Ninja  vs. “Team Hot stuff” Pyro & Kid Inferno.

The rookies put up a great fight, and after 5 minutes of action Pyro caught the Garbageman with a surprise DDT that set up Kid Inferno for the 5-star frog splash off the top rope for the three count.

Team hot stuff wins after 5 minutes by pinfall.

Lexus Wine vs. Cole Cash

In a rematch of sorts, Cash sought a measure of revenge against the “woman” from the audience that pinned him at the last card, in April.  Lexus Wine showed Cash that she was far from a fan, as used her training to soundly defeat Cash at the 7 minute mark.

Lexus with a pinfall victory.

Television Title Match
Ace Spalding vs. All American Shawn Parks

Spalding used every dirty trick in the book along some surprisingly good technical wrestling,  to up end Parks, and capture the NWA Tri-State Television Title.

New Television Champion Ace Spalding at the 6:24 mark.

Mr. Attitude vs. Magnum vs. Fabulous Frederick

These three ring generals tore into each other as they tried to win the highly valued #1 contenders spot for the NWA Tri-State Heavyweight title.  The action was fast and vicious both inside and outside of the ring, and after 10:18 Magnum stood tall as the number one contender for the heavyweight title.

Winner: Magnum

Main Event
National Wrestling Alliance World Junior Heavyweight Title match
Champion “Luscious” Rocky Reynolds defends the title against Chance Profit

This was a fast paced match that involved power, grace, skill, agility, and all of the elements that  make up a world title match.  Rocky Reynolds used his considerable experience to fend off the attack of the newcomer that rose to title contention faster than anyone in Jr. Title history.  Chance showed the fans that he earned his title shot as he took the fight straight to Rocky.  High impact maneuvers gave way to great technical skills, that flowed back to vicious slaps and a long trade of rights and lefts that left both men dazed and weakened. The battle soon raged on until Rocky left Chance prone on the mat, and took to the tope rope to deliver his signature “Swanton bomb”, and cover Profit for the 3 count at the 10:27 mark.

Rocky Reynolds...winner and still champion

The final event of the evening brought all of the stars of the NWA Tri-State together in a battle royal!  After 7 minutes of all out brawling, Wildcat was declared the winner.

-Filed by ring reporter Johnny Gunn

April 6, 2002
Parkersburg, WV
City Park Pavilion

Chris Charisma started the show with an interview how he traveled all the way to West Virginia form Boston to rid the NWA of as many bad guys as possible (he thinks he is a superhero).  Midway through his interview, Punchy McGee walks out to ringside and takes the mic, getting Chris to turn his back.  Out of the locker room ran Fabulous Fredrick, and they proceeded to stomp a mud hole in the young wrestler.  The All-American Shawn Parks hit the ring to make the save and issued a tag team match for later in the night.
Trooper Gilmore VS. Mr. Attitude went to a double count-out 
 This match went back and forth with really no fan favorite as both men resorted to low blows and eye gouging, this match spilled to the out side at the 9-minute mark and never made it back to the ring as we had a double count out.
Alternative Lifestyle {Punchy McGee & Fabulous Fredrick} beat Chris Charisma & Shawn Parks

What a match as the action was furious!  Both newcomers to NWA TRI-STATE, Charisma & Parks dealt the upper hand to Alternative Lifestyle.  Many times during this match it showed just why McGee and Fredrick are called Alternative Lifestyle.  At the 12-minute mark with a series of tags and mass confusion, Charisma took the pin fall to the dismay of the crowd.  He was not the legal man, but the ref had gotten confused during the action when all participants were in and out of the ring.   

Kid Inferno beat Valik and Pyro in a three-way elimination match
Pyro and Inferno double-teamed Valik the entire match, as they are looking to become tag team partners.  This seemed more of a handicap match instead of an elimination 3-way.  Pyro was the first to get eliminated by Valik.  It looked like Valik was going to take the prize home, when Inferno reversed a throw into the rope and Valik was tripped by Pyro.  Inferno dropped a big elbow to the back of the head, rolled Valik over and scored the pinfall.
 Mason Hunter pinned Magnum to retain the NWA TRI-STATE HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE
Awesome match!  Many times it looked like Magnum was going to be the new champ.  Both of these big men hit many of their signature moves.  Mason Hunter did take the the victory at the 12-minute mark though. 
Rocky Reynolds pinned Jason Rumble for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
The crowd was on their feet for this entire match as both men exchanged arm drags and reversals to leave neither man with an early advantage.  They were actually  getting a standing ovation for the chain wrestling that was taking place.  Rumble seemed a bit distracted by the loud West Virginia group at ringside especially, who called themselves "the redneck section".  Rumble hit what seemed to be a spine buster on Reynolds--which was thought to be the end--but Reynolds was able to get a foot on the rope.  Rocky was then able to mount a comeback and at the 14-minute mark hit a huge Swanton bomb to score the pin fall and become a 3-time NWA WORLD JUNIOR HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

March 24, 2002
Harrisville, WV
Old High School

Valik pinned Pyro and Inferno Kid in a three-way dance

 Newcomers Pyro and Inferno Kid were greeted warmly by the crowd in their debut match. The mysterious Valik did not care for the fans so much. While Pyro and Inferno Kid had their moments and worked well together, they were no match for the size and skill of Valik, who hit powerbombs on both and later pinned both men simultaneously following a double-suplex.

Fabulous Frederick (w/manager Just'n Kace) pinned Punchy McGee

Frederick and Kace came to the ring with flamboyant gear and feather boas on. Frederick blew kisses to the fans, who booed him mercilessly. Punchy came to the ring in an elaborate robe and feather boa as well. The three argued about their outfits, much the chagrin of the audience. Punchy took his robe off to reveal flowery trunks, which bought out a groan of disgust from the crowd. Kace took the mic and said there would be three rules in the match: no pulling hair, no raking eyes, and no hitting the face. Punchy agreed and added that there would be no attacking from the behind. The two were evenly matched, trading move for move and hold for hold. Their agreement to adhere to went down the tubes when the two began "attacking" each other's to speak. Frederick thought he had the upper hand after nailing Punchy with a clothesline late in the match, and went to the top rope. Punchy caught him and slammed Frederick from the top turnbuckle. Frederick finally stopped Punchy with a running elbow drop for the 1-2-3. Afterwards Kace, Frederick, and Punchy all hugged each other and took turns dancing with one another. The three left the ring together, seemingly happy with their new alliance. Perhaps a new tag team?

Nova pinned Julio Dinero with the Kryptonite Krunch

In an unannounced appearance, Nova delighted the crowd with his great sense of humor and proceeded to put on an entertaining display with the equally entertaining Julio Dinero. Dinero stalled for a great deal of the opening minutes, while Nova and the crowd taunted him. Before the match got rolling, Nova pulled the band out of referee Tony Wolfe's ponytail, citing that he was the only one allowed to have that gimmick in the match. When Dinero finally came back in the ring, the two men locked up in a test of strength that saw both men take the advantage at different points. Nova tried to get the upper hand at different points, and made several near-falls. Julio turned the tide when he caught Nova in a figure-four leglock. Nova reversed the move briefly, but Dinero turned it right back over. Nova reached the ropes, but then Dinero proceeded to punch and kick his opponent to the mat. One delay allowed Nova to hit a super kick, and then pound Dinero's skull in the corner no less than thirty times. A dazed Dinero soon found himself on the receiving end of the Kryptonite Krunch.

Brock Singleton (w/Sasha) pinned "Bad Boy" Brian Anthony

Singleton had no love for the crowd, and they had no love for him neither. Anthony put up a great fight, but Brock simply bested him in the brawling category. Brian tried to rally late in the match, but Brock caught him with a shot to the "family jewels" and a rollup for the pin.

Magnum pinned Rocky Reynolds

Proving that some great feuds never die, Magnum and Rocky squared off to a tremendous reaction from the crowd. Rocky tried to use holds early on, but Magnum took control early and planted him with slams and suplexes. Magnum then dropped a leg to the back of Rocky's neck as he laid face down on the mat. Rocky managed to punch his way back in control and slowed Magnum down after a long, standing vertical suplex. Next, Rocky hit a leg drop on Magnum, then gave him a head butt between the legs. Rocky controlled the pace with an ankle lock, then tried to finish off Magnum with a body splash. Magnum caught Rocky on the top rope and gave him a one-handed slam to the mat. Rocky broke the count attempt, then went back up again for another aerial maneuver. Again, Magnum caught him, this time with a DDT from the top rope. Rocky kicked out of the pin attempt again, and Magnum went to the top rope. This time, Rocky caught him with a frankensteiner from the top turnbuckle. Magnum kicked out, and then kicked Rocky back across the ring, where he caught the former world junior heavyweight champion in a tarantula. Rocky broke out of the hold, and planted Magnum with a super kick. Thinking he finally had his foe finished, Rocky hit the swanton bomb. To his surprise, Magnum kicked out. Magnum throttled Rocky into the corner where he stopped him with the Diamond Dust. Magnum went across the ring and flew back to the corner to finally finish off Rocky with a Van Terminator for the pin.

Mason Hunter beat Matt Vandal and Daron Smythe for the NWA Tri-State heavyweight title in a triple-threat match

Mason Hunter declared that he would win back the title that Vandal had stolen from him tonight. Smythe made his way to the ring, greeting the eager fans on the way. Vandal came to the ring with manager Just'n Kace. Vandal and Kace mocked Hunter on the mic, and took the time to insult the fans as well. Smythe and Hunter worked well together and took Vandal to the proverbial wood shed to open the match. With Vandal down, Smythe jumped on the chance for the pin. Hunter pulled him off and asked what he was doing. Smythe back peddled and said he was just trying to win. Vandal caught the two arguing with a double clothesline. Hunter and Smythe then hit Vandal with a series of super kicks. Hunter tried for the pin, but Smythe pulled him off. At that point, it was on between the two would-be allies. Vandal again caught the two distracted and threw Smythe out of the ring where Kace worked him over on the floor. As Hunter and Vandal battled, Smythe crawled back in to break up another pin attempt. Fed up with Smythe, Mason nailed him with a "firebomb" (fireman's carry into a Michinoku driver). Vandal broke up the count. Smythe draped himself over the ring apron to catch his breath, but Kace threw a powdery substance into his eyes. Vandal kicked Hunter out of the ring to let Kace work him over, while Matt pinned Smythe to eliminate him. Kace threw Hunter back into the ring, and he and Vandal worked a hellacious battle. The fight spilled outside the ring, where Hunter hit a vicious chair shot to the head of Vandal. Both men battled back into the ring, where Mason hit a firebomb on Vandal for the pin. Mason Hunter once again becomes the NWA Tri-State heavyweight champion. 


Vandal and Kace were furious at Mason and taunted him from either side of the ring. With Mason occupied with the manager, Vandal walloped Mason in the back with a chair shot of his own. Kace then smacked Hunter with the title belt. Referee Tony Wolfe called for help from the back, which started an impromptu battle royal. All of the stars from the previous matches hit the ring, including manager Just'n Kace who was thrown in by promoter Richard Arpin. The last two men wound up being Magnum and Kace. Magnum made short work of Kace, and tossed him out for the pin and the battle royal victory. Arpin had some more fun with the manager and literally "walked" all over him, much to the delight of the crowd.

Chris Hamrick pinned Mike Preston

Hamrick was clearly the fan favorite here, but it didn't take him long to get under the skin of the younger Preston. Hamrick stretched, super kicked, and pounded Preston before the younger star caught Chris in a punishing around-the-back leg stretch. Hamrick managed to break out, and quickly setup Preston for a chinbreaker for the pinfall.

Rey Mysterio, Jr. pinned Jerry Lynn

The crowd waited patiently for this match to begin after a lengthy delay early on in the evening, and the combatants didn't disappoint. Both men went toe to toe and hold for hold, but Rey (in his final independent match) was just a step quicker than Lynn. Rey used his speed to hit the bronco buster on Jerry, and tried to end the match with a flying leg drop. Jerry was a bit more resilient than Mysterio anticipated, however. Jerry nailed a thunderous tiger bomb for a pin attempt, but Rey kicked out. Lynn then tried using a half-crab three times, but every time Rey would reach the ropes. Mysterio screamed that he didn't come to Harrisville to lose. Jerry still wouldn't give up and put Rey in an over-the-back submission. Rey refused to give up despite the pain, and Jerry finally released the hold into a backbreaker. Rey rallied back and caught Lynn with an x-factor out of nowhere. He then bounced Lynn off the ropes and hit him with a flying clothesline. He then walloped Jerry by bouncing between the first and second ropes and kicking him in the face. Rey quickly mounted the top turnbuckle and hit a flying body splash for the pin. In a sign of mutual respect, both men shook hands and raised their arms to the delight of the crowd. Rey thanked the crowd for their patience and enthusiasm and signed autographs with the fans afterwards.

March 2, 2002
Parkersburg, WV
City Park Pavilion
Television Taping

The card began with an in ring statement by Daron Smythe. The former Television Champion plead his case to the executive committee, Commissioner David Powers, and Promoter Richard Arpin. Daron requested the opportunity to return to title contention as he holds victories over many of the NWA Tri-State wrestlers.  At this point Matt Vandal walked slowly to the ring speaking to someone one his cell phone as he made his way into the ring. When Daron tried to talk to Vandal, Matt repeatedly put his hand up to quiet him.  Finally Daron could stand the interruption no longer and punched Vandal several times, pick up his dropped cell phone, and crowned Vandal with it!  This was followed by a whip into the ropes, and a high impact slam by Smythe that brought ref Tony Wolfe to the ring as promoter Richard Arpin declared this match underway!  Daron had Vandal stunned and as he went for the cover Mike Preston charged the ring and broke up the pin, and the match. Promoter Richard Arpin offered Daron a match that would lead to title contention later in the night.

Unreal pinned Smooth X

A great technical battle that saw both newcomers put forth a tremendous effort. This was a seesaw battle that ended when Unreal rolled up Smooth and got the three count with a handful of trunks.

Daron Smythe pinned Valik

The Dark Warrior took the fight right to Smythe as both men gave it their all.  At the 8-minute mark Daron avoided a tope rope shot by Valik and took advantage of the moment to get the pin fall victory.

Mike Preston pinned Brian Anthony

The former NWA World Heavyweight Champion met Preston heads up and showed his larger opponent why you don’t have to be the biggest to be the best. This match saw Anthony in great shape, and up to date on all of his wrestling skills.  Preston was frustrated again and again as Brian kicked out of every pinning attempt. Finally, after 7 minutes of great action, Preston delivered a devastating backbreaker and pinned Anthony for the victory.

Luscious Rocky Reynolds vs. Magnum went to a draw

This was a great scientific encounter that saw both men use a series of maneuvers to frustrate and attempt to grab a victory over the other. Move after move was countered, reversed and escaped from as Rocky and Magnum used the book of wresting to try and overcome the other. After 10 minutes of great action that the fans are not likely to see again, Rocky and Magnum wound up at the time limit with a draw.

Special Title Challenge Match!
The Specialist Mason Hunter (unified champion) vs. Matt Vandal

Mason chose to defend all three of the unified titles against Vandal, and made a great showing of himself, as he proved that he has the tools to be the unified champion.

The first title defended was the Mason-Dixon Heavyweight Title.
Hunter met Vandal heads up and traded him move for move and when the situation called for it, matched Vandal fist for fist as well. Matt had things going his way, and had Hunter set for the third in a series of high vertical suplexes when “The Specialist” surprised everyone by catching Vandal in a small package for the three count.

Next up was the defense of the NWA Tri-State Heavyweight Title.
Vandal charged straight at Mason, enraged at the result of the previous match. Matt began an onslaught of punches, kick, and choke holds that left the champion dazed, and weak. Vandal saw that he had Mason ripe for the picking, and after a brief attempt to defend himself, Mason Hunter found himself on the receiving end of a tremendous high impact slam, followed up with a pin fall that left Matt Vandal the NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of NWA Tri-State!

The final defense was the Mason-Dixon Tri-State Title.
Fueled by the victory just a few minutes ago, Vandal again charged straight at Hunter and began to beat on him without mercy, but this was not to be a repeat as “The Specialist” returned the attack with his own viciousness, that left both men beaten and battered.  When Matt realized that he could not outfight Mason, he went on a choking campaign that brought about a disqualification, and left Mason Hunter with the title.

The referee could not separate these two combatants, and signaled for help from the back. As all of the stars of the NWA Tri-State charged the ring, promoter Richard Arpin took the opportunity to signal the start of the Battle Royal!  After 15 minutes of action Matt Vandal, Mike Preston, and Manager Just'n Kace were left standing center ring. Kace stepped to the ropes to eject himself, and the fans roared thinking that they were about to see these two behemoths collide!  Vandal stopped Kace, had a quick word with Preston, and to everyone’s surprise, Mike and Matt ejected themselves leaving Just'n Kace as the winner of the battle royal.

-Report filed by Gerald Armstrong

February 2, 2002
Parkersburg, WV
City Park Pavilion
Bell Time 7:00 p.m.

Wildcat and Valik teaming against Nikita Allenov and Jazmyn??

The first tag team encounter left the standing room only crowd shaking the building for more, as a lottery style match found bitter enemies Wildcat and Valik teaming against Nikita Allenov and Jazmyn.  The match started off awkwardly as the 4 tried to work as tag teams that have been together for years. Nikita and Valik could not fight each other, neither could Jazmyn and Wildcat.  As the encounter heated, Jazmyn attacked her partner Nikita as Wildcat tore into Valik.  This caused Valik and Nikita to fight back against their partners. As the four fought each other, Wildcat ducked a  Russian Sickle and Nikita tore Valik right out of his boots. As Nikita went after Wildcat, Jazmyn covered the prone Valik for the win.

Sebastian Ice vs. Daron Smythe

A tremendously physical encounter saw the young lions push each other to the limit as the exchange of arm drags, high hip tosses, thunder -like body slams and knife edge chops took their toll. Ice tried to bring the winning streak of Smythe to a quick close, however the former television champion was able to hold of the Iceman with his great speed and technical ability. Darren fought to his full ability, but in the end it was Sebastian with a huge powerslam for the win.

Trooper Gilmore vs. Dash Bennett

Gilmore attacked early trying to beat Dash to the punch with chokes, kicks, eye gouges, and low blows. Dash fought back with skill sharpened by years of great training that frustrated Gilmore to the point of walking away from the ring, until he realized that he would leave the building without a payday. The two faced each other heads up, and fought until Bennett took the three count for the win.

Triple threat match
Mike Preston vs. The Prophet vs. Matt Vandal

This battle of the big boys saw a huge struggle between the 250 to 300 plus-pounders, as the three formed teams that broke apart as fast as they formed. The majority of the match saw The Prophet and Mike Preston gang up on Matt Vandal, and try to eliminate him from the encounter. Vandal fought back and at one point stunned the crowd with a high two man vertical suplex. After 6 minutes, the referee lost control and the match was declared a draw.

10 minute challenge match !
Nova vs. Magnum NWA Tri-State Heavyweight Champion

This was a count down challenge with the winner having to defeat his opponent in ten minutes or less. Magnum and Nova, both ring generals in their own rights, showed the fans a great technical match filled with high speed, multiple exchanges, and when tempers flared, a brawl that settled...... nothing.  At the nine minute mark both men pulled out all the stops as the referee counted no less than 23 two counts.  Magnum caught Nova in Diamond Dust, but Nova kicked out.  Nova rattled Magnum's teeth with a tremendous superkick, but the champ managed to raise his shoulder.  As the fans counted down the last 5 seconds, the time limit expired, leaving no clear winner but Magnum still retained the title.

Luscious Rocky Reynolds vs. Jason Rumble NWA World Jr.
Heavyweight champion

Rocky's bid to regain the title from his hated opponent Jason Rumble, came this night as he hit Jason full up and straight on from the bell.  Both men seemed evenly matched in the speed, skill, and strength department as they locked up with a thunderous collision.  Each of these grapplers tried to out power each other, out wrestle each other, and out rule break each other. Both men tried to show each other up in front of the tremendous crowd at ringside, but it was the fans that were treated to a great match.  At the 9:48 mark, Jason caught Rocky in a devastating reverse diamond cutter, and covered him for the three count.
Winner and still World Jr., heavyweight champion:
Jason Rumble

Fabulous Frederick vs. The Living Legend, Larry

The Fabulous one found himself unable to rattle his opponent with his usual controversial style. Larry Z. is the self proclaimed master of the game of human chess, and he used the knowledge from 30 plus years in the world of professional  wrestling to dumbfound Frederick and leave him in search of a partner, manager, or even an unlikely fan to serve as his supportive friend.  Larry had Frederick dumbfounded, and looking for the early outs. The "fabulous one" reverted to pure rule breaking, plain and simple.  After 5 minutes of choking and stomping on Zbyszko, Larry rallied and used the skills sharpened by over 5,000 career wins to pin fabulous Frederick at the 7:15 mark.
Winner Larry Zbyszko

Mason Hunter vs Big Vito

This encounter was no "wrestling match", this was a brawl pure and simple. Although Mason tried to trade maneuvers at first, he soon found that the former WCW tag team and hardcore champion was more than capable of showing his scientific side. When Hunter became frustrated at his inability to overcome Vito by technical skill, he switched to the brawling. It wound up being the biggest mistake that Hunter could have made in this match up. Vito showed why he was holder of the coveted WCW hardcore title as he returned Mason's chokes punches and kicks, and gave the "Specialist" a trip outside and a tour of the ring posts.  At the 6:30 mark Vito caught Hunter with a huge top rope leg drop that got the pinfall for Big Vito.
Winner Vito by pinfall.

NWA West Virginia/Ohio Results from 2001

NWA West Virginia/Ohio Results from 2000

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